Established home fitness needs to be more rehabilitation for heart patients

Established home fitness needs to be more rehabilitation for heart patients

The Academic Medical Center (AMC) and Máxima Medical Centre (MMC) have a hartrevalidatieprogramma developed in which the physical training of the rehabilitation occurs in the home environment of the patient, with guidance from a distance. The initiative is to heart rehabilitation more attractive.

Research suggests that people who hartrevalidatieprogramma follow 35 percent less likely to have in the years after the death. Yet follow less than 30 per cent of the heart patients after a hospitalization for a myocardial infarction or acute treatment of the heart, a hartrevalidatieprogramma.

Despite intensive treatment fall patients who do recover often back into their old lifestyle.

In the rehabilitation program developed for the at-home patients have influence on the composition of the program. This would lead to the motivation and adherence will be higher and must be the end result. With the conclusions obtained a phd researcher Jos Bead last week at the University of Amsterdam


Patients can or will not always want to participate in the intensive rehabilitation program in the hospital. This may be due to the distance to the hospital or due to a lack of time.

In the study were ninety patients, with a low to moderate risk of a new incident, divided over a training program that the home took place and a program in the hospital took place. It turned out that the condition and quality of life in both groups the same amount was increased.

The costs for absenteeism from work were at the thuistrainers, however, lower. This is possible because of your local cardiac rehabilitation centre for the thuistrainers better to combine with resumption of work. The group that the home stay program followed proved to be more satisfied about the rehabilitation than the patients who have the training in the hospital had.

As a result of the research is a follow-up study started. This has as a goal the home stay program and the site supervision in order to further optimize. The first results of this study are at the end of 2017 is expected.

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