Especially the elderly and low-skilled workers are pessimistic about life in the Netherlands

The vast majority of Dutch adults is satisfied with his or her life. About four in ten Dutch say, however, pessimistic about the situation in the Netherlands.

To this group belong relatively often the elderly, low-skilled and men, according to figures published by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) on Thursday published.

Almost nine in ten adults say in 2018, to be satisfied about their life. The percentage of satisfied people is even 2 percentage points higher than in 2013, according to the CBS.

More than one in three respondents says pessimistic about life in the Netherlands and to think that the ‘the wrong direction’. Almost one in ten Dutch people say they don’t know if it is the right or the wrong direction.

Young people are the least pessimistic about the Netherlands

Youth say the least often pessimistic about the Netherlands. Of this group see a quarter of the future, gloomy, considerably less than the average of all adults.

Highly educated individuals are more optimistic than low and medium. Of the highly skilled, two-thirds optimistic; of the surveyed low-skilled workers, not even half.

People with migration background are more optimistic

People with a Dutch background are more often pessimistic about life and the future than people with a migrational background.

The United Nations published last week a survey which showed that the Netherlands is on the fifth place of the list of the happiest countries in the world.

The netherlands has never been so high stood. Finland tops the list.

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