Erik the Black: a ‘ready to cry, when Veronica and the air went out of the

Erik the Black: a ‘ready to cry, when Veronica and the air went out of the

Erik, the Black-and-cry when the piratenzender Veronica in 1974, the air went out. That, says the producer and co-founder of Radio station Radio 538 on Wednesday in a meeting with the AD, a look back at his favorite radiomomenten, on the occasion of the one hundred years of radio broadcasting in the Netherlands.

“It is the first and last time that I, as a listener, and a little tear dropped,” said the 62-year-old, The Black, the day that is exactly one hundred years ago, it was the first radio station to listen to, it was.

“The famous phrase from Rob’s Out on the 31st of August 1974, at the end of the piratenzender Veronica mars ‘in view of the fact that Veronica mars film is a little bit of the country. That is don’t worry about it… for us.’ From that moment on, we were ordered to The Musical Fruit of the EA.”

“A year before that, I did a strange kid have to join in a demonstration against the removal of the drive,” says Black, who for many years worked in The Dutch Top 40 on the radio, as presented. “I would be surprised if there were some 200,000 people, if not more, than the revolt against the possession of nuclear weapons. For my generation, this was something massive. We have been robbed of our freedom and liberty, it did feel like that.”

The FM frequency for the Radio station Radio 538 “ultimate revenge” for The Black-and –

The Black is the actual-legal-in FM radio frequency from the set of Radio 538 in the world, for the disappearance of the Veronica, for more than twenty years ago. “The Radio station Radio 538 in 1995 and finally, after a setback in the face of adversity, the FM had was that it was the ultimate revenge. As a personal highlight.”

It was Wednesday, exactly one hundred years have passed since the first radio broadcast to listen to, it was. On the 6th of november, 1919, to at 20: 00 hours began the amateur radio pioneer Hanso Idzerda broadcast from The Hague, the netherlands. He was kicked off the broadcast with the surface of Turf is in your knapsack.

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