Eric van Tijn is not suitable for musical ode

Eric van Tijn is not suitable for musical ode

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Eric van Tijn wants to hit 15 million people from 1996, not a facelift. “The song is written in a friendly time in a beautiful Netherlands where everything was.”

“The worst thing was that your bike might be stolen could be, but that was about it,” says Van Tijn in the Panorama.

That Netherlands no longer exists, according to the composer. “For me, the Netherlands is changed. in the time of 15 Million People, the country was friendlier.” Van Tijn, who among other is known as a member of the jury of Idols, see more aggression to it than twenty years ago. “It is truly a land of extremes.”

Van Tijn wrote the song with Jochem Fluitsma. In the eighties, had the two success as the producers behind the group Mai Tai. They also write songs for artists such as Ruth Jacott and the Dolly Dots. 15 million people sang Fluitsma itself in. “Everyone thought that voice so well to fit the song, that we have left.”

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