Erectile dysfunction ohio and women abortion new legislation

Erectile dysfunction ohio and women abortion new legislation

The latest bill to be submitted in Ohio, US, asks that men who need to be treated for erectile dysfunction now have to go to a sex therapist before they are given a prescription for drugs when they are looking to buy Levitra, Viagra or Cialis. In addition, they will have to have a cardiac stress test and their sexual partner will have to put in writing, confirmation that their partner does in fact suffer from impotence.

A Democrat State Representative from Cleveland submitted this legislation in Ohio this month and the move is causing a stir to say the least especially in the Republican house.

This legislation is supposedly a response to what is now known as the Heartbeat Bill which had also been submitted in Ohio this month by Conservative and Republican representatives. The Heartbeat Bill will disallow a woman to go ahead with an abortion once the foetus has a heartbeat.

The fact that the representatives responsible for this bill are angered over the present Government’s push to establish the insurance companies in the US as liable to fork out for birth control pills and the fact that many states, governed by said representatives have now made it mandatory that women have an ultrasound prior to an abortion, has pushed this Democrat to the limit and her sarcasm is duly noted as she reflects publicly about how much she wishes to stand up for men’s health considering how ‘thoughtful’ her male, conservative and republican colleagues have been regarding their interest and devotion to women’s health with their focus on legislating the woman’s womb.

Killing ridiculous political opinion with a dose of its own medicine might be a good idea however; Turner’s bill will have an impact on impartial men as well as on the very politicians she considers to be hypocritical. of her argument in favour of legislating Viagra and other erectile dysfunction treatments focuses on the control of dangerous side effects and therefore conserving the health of the male population. There are however side effects with every prescription treatment but administration is regulated and monitored and men are not at risk. Side effects, if at all experienced with the likes of Viagra, will cease as soon as treatment ceases.

Apart from this these heavy requirements, the legislator is within her right to place such stipulations on the ability to access this form of treatment considering that buying Viagra is paid for by taxpayers when purchased through an employer’s health care plan. This means that it is grossly hypocritical to suggest that contraceptives should not be treated as Viagra has been in the past and furthermore makes no financial sense when you look at how much the Government saves the country while offering contraceptives through the taxpayer rather than dealing with the expense of unwanted pregnancies down the line.

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