Erdogan takes tough it out to the opposition parties in the run-up to the elections

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the run-up to the burgemeestersverkiezing on Sunday in Istanbul, to be hard out to the opposition. He said Thursday that the independence of the country is at stake, and the accused Ekrem Imamoglu, on behalf of opposition party, CHP in the previous elections are won by working together with the coupplegers.

In istanbul on Sunday in the backdrop of a remarkable political event. Erdogans party is hoping to revancheren for the defeat it suffered in the local elections on the 31st of march, when Imamoglu, with a difference of sixteen thousand votes, Binali Yildirim, a representative of the Erdogans party, AKP, is defeated.

It was the commercial center of Turkey, for the first time in 25 years, not in the hands of the AK party. History was made in the nineties was still the mayor of Istanbul. In addition to Istanbul, the lost, the AKP is also in the capital, Ankara.

The party began with me, and asked numerous recounts of the votes in Istanbul and on, each of which is (partly) rejected. According to History took place in the elections, “organized crimes” took place.


Turks are flocking to the streets after a loss to the party, Erdogan

‘Unauthorized observers in the polling stations’

On the 6th of may, the Turkish supreme committee for elections later changed its mind and will be a new burgemeestersverkiezingen been made, despite the fact that Imamoglu has already been installed as the new lord mayor of the city. There would have been any unauthorized observers in the polling stations, have been a necessary condition for the elections to be legal to operate.

The opposition called the decision “not to be lawful and legitimate,” and that the elections show that the country is a dictatorship now. The CHP, however, was the new race is not to the like of the year.

CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu. (Photo: EPA)


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