Erdogan is extending a state of emergency is Turkey a good idea

Erdogan is extending a state of emergency is Turkey a good idea

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Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan will find it a good idea to declare a state of emergency in the country in three months. The state of emergency would actually be about three weeks to finish.

Earlier gave the National Security council in Turkey’s advice to the state of emergency to extend. Erdogan, who after the failed couppoging in July the state of emergency promulgated inspired, is the chairman of the National Security council.

Erdogan thinks that he has the support of his population can count for a longer state of emergency. “The government will make the necessary assessment and then necessary steps to take.”

The state of emergency gives the Turkish government far-reaching powers. So can the freedom of the press and freedom of assembly be limited or completely be put out of action. It also gives the space the country to ‘cleanse’ of Gulen’s supporters.

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The authorities opened after the failed coup direct the hunt for followers of the islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen. He would be responsible for the failed coup and therefore wants to Erdogan his due in full from Turkey, let it disappear. There are so far to 32,000 arrests made within the Gulen movement.


According to the Turkish Justice minister, Bekir Bozdag, walk away, there are still about 70,000 of legal proceedings against people suspected of having ties with Gulen.

Gulen denies being involved with the couppoging. Turkey, the u.s. has formally requests the extradition is requested. Bozdag said Wednesday that America has promised within a few days with a response to the request.

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