Erdogan is convinced that the killer ambassador Gulen was a member

Erdogan is convinced that the killer ambassador Gulen was a member

It stands for the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is beyond dispute that the murderer of the Russian ambassador was a member of the Gulen movement, which, according to the head of state is also behind the couppoging last summer in Turkey was.

Erdogan said that this is evident from the place where the suspect education has received and from the relationships that he maintained.

The Russian ambassador was Monday shot dead by a Turkish policeman in citizen during the opening of an exhibition in the Turkish capital. The agent would be against russia’s military intervention in Syria.

The Turkish security service, spoke immediately after the shooting of “strong signals” that the perpetrator had ties with Gulen.

An advisor of the islamic spiritual called the insinuation that Gülen is involved in it is ridiculous and says that it is an excuse for the poor security. Gulen himself has the attack now strongly condemned. Also the Security council of the UN, the attack was condemned, and speaks of a terrorist act.


Please note, shocking: Russian ambassador shot dead in Turkey


In connection with the failed coup against Erdogan are approximately 40,000 people in pre-trial detention. The authorities showed Wednesday, know that yet another 2,000 teachers and other employees of educational institutions have been suspended due to possible ties with the coupplegers. For this reason, in the months prior to that, for tens of thousands of officials and soldiers and members of the security forces have been fired or suspended.

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