Erdogan in Saudi Arabia to mediate in Qatar-crisis

Erdogan in Saudi Arabia to mediate in Qatar-crisis

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Turkish president Erdogan on Sunday began a two-day journey along some of the Arab countries that are at odds with each other are in the hope to establish peace.

Erdogan arrived Sunday in Saudi Arabia where he is king Salman met.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and Libya made 5 June known diplomatic ties with Qatar to disconnect it. The country would be guilty of supporting terrorist groups. Doha denies that.


Four of the countries that the tires they have the Golfstaatje earlier thirteen demands which it had to conform to the crisis in the bud.

Among other television station Al Jazeera would have to be closed, the ties with Iran had to be reduced and a Turkish military base in Qatar would have to close.

Qatar has called the demands “unreasonable and unenforceable”, thus they were of the job. There is threatened with new political, economic and legal measures, but that are not yet announced.


The United States, the United Kingdom and Kuwait with the Arab countries, that the boycott against Qatar, to plead urged to as quickly as possible in a dialogue with Qatar.

Turkey is an ally of Qatar and has since also troops were sent. Erdogan is also to Kuwait and Qatar itself.


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