Erdogan expects improvement in relations with Germany after the elections

Erdogan expects improvement in relations with Germany after the elections

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The tension between Turkey and Germany, after the German parliamentary elections to be resolved soon, says Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The German criticism of his policies he sees as a afleidingsmanouevre.

That “strategy” was also by French and Austrian politicians used, just before the elections in those countries, concludes the Turkish president.

“If European countries criticize our policies, that actually stem from problems in their own national politics,” he said Saturday in a speech that was live on television was broadcast.

Erdogan is expected that the relationship with Germany will improve once the German elections, in september, behind the back.

Failed coup

The diplomatic relations of Turkey with Western European countries maintain, for some time under pressure. Several European ministers expressed their concern about Erdogans measures after the failed couppleging in Istanbul last year. In the past few months, tens of thousands of people arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorist organizations, or because they are suspected followers of Fetullah Gulen. Erdogan holds Gulen responsible for the coup attempt.

Many European countries, including Germany, have criticized these arrests. They are worried about human rights in Turkey. In July, a German human rights activist arrested.

Except the criticism on the arrests play between Ankara and Berlin even more issues. The first disagreement arises around a performance of the German comedian Jan Böhmermann, which Erdogan at the heel. Then, there are tensions around the Armenian genocide, which by Germany is recognized, and the application of about forty Turkish NATO soldiers in Germany after the failed coup.

Also, the Turkish referendum on the extension of Edrdogans power, leads to problems. Turkish ministers in march the campaign would run in several German cities, will be banned. In may of this year to deny Turkey the access to the German ministers on a visit with German soldiers on the Turkish airbase Incirlik are stationed.

Domestic politics

To multiple months in which one after the other matter opspeelde, minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel stated that Germany is now harder will not occur in the conflicts with Turkey. He announced economic measures, and also wants the European Union financial aid to Turkey, a candidate state is short.

The Turkish government did know then it is unacceptable to find that Germany itself with the domestic affairs of Turkey and old.

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