Erdogan calls on Turks in Germany not Merkel to vote

Erdogan calls on Turks in Germany not Merkel to vote

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Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has Turks in Germany are called to not upon the party of German chancellor Angela Merkel to vote.

The CDU and its coalition members are the enemies of Turkey, says Erdogan Friday. “I call on all my compatriots in Germany not to vote on the parties that are aggressive and disrespectful to Turkey.” The president wants, that politicians in this way “a lesson”.

The relationship between Germany and Turkey is months bad. The tension between the countries after the German parliamentary elections to be resolved soon, said Erdogan on Saturday. According to him, the German criticism of his policies a afleidingsmanouevre for “problems in their own country”.

Germany is critical of the arrests that the Turkish police since the couppoging has done. More than fifty thousand people have been arrested since the failed coup of last summer. The EU has several critical comments about the situation in Turkey. Erdogan is doing this as “anti-Turkish sentiment in Germany”.

The Turkish president accused Germany of “breach of EU treaties”. This is because of earlier statements by Merkel about the freezing of the negotiations on Turkish accession to the European Union and the visa-free travel of Turks to EU countries.


Germany on the 24th of september to the polls for the Bondsdagverkiezingen. The Bundestag, the Chancellor chooses, every four years. Merkel takes on behalf of the christian democrats once again participate in the elections.

At an election victory of the CDU acts Merkel in 2017 in its twelfth year as chancellor again. Record holder Helmut Kohl’s sixteen years in the German premier (1982-1998) and CDU-co-founder Konrad Adenauer held the post for fourteen years (1949-1963).

Angela Merkel wants to be re-chancellor of Germany

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