‘Epstein will not be subject to enhanced surveillance when he committed suicide’

The American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who is suspected of child abuse, in the cell on the end of his life, confirm the U.s. government. Epstein came under heightened scrutiny after an alleged previous suicide attempt, but the extra security was now to be repealed, write the American media.

He was found unconscious in his prison cell. Until “sometime this week” he found the holes and are held in the county jail.

The billionaire was accused of, between 2002 and 2005, dozens of underage girls have been. At his home in New York child pornography were found, of which he was a 45-year prison sentence was able to get in. The trial would be in June 2020, will start.

The man was in the beginning of July, picked up, and it was since then fixed. He has asked for his trial under house arrest, to await at his home in New York, and is said to be prepared to be self-monitoring and to pay for it, but the court was that the application will be rejected.


Died as a billionaire, Epstein has been accused of child sexual abuse, who was he?

Epstein often being accused of abuse

Epstein: it was in the last two decades or so, several times, been accused of abuse. The Us public prosecutor’s office (OM), came out in 2007, with a list of the charges against him. He would have dozens of underage girls for sex.

In the case of the former, especially, is built upon the testimonies of women who have claimed that they have been victims of Epstein. He was a life-long prison sentence, but is a outstanding deal with the prosecutors.

The plaintiffs were under the direction of Alexander Acosta, the former minister of Creation. He stepped up from the previous month, as a result of this arrangement that has been.

The American channel Lifetime is working on a new series of the Emmy-nominated documentary series Surviving by R. Kelly. In the episode, Surviving by Jeffrey Epstein will be necessary to examine into the alleged crimes committed by the multi-millionaire was committed.

Are you thinking about suicide? You’re not the only one. To contact 113, and suicide prevention through the 0900-0113 or


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