Entry USA is leading to worldwide confusion and criticism

Entry USA is leading to worldwide confusion and criticism

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The American re-entry ban for citizens of seven muslim countries world-wide has caused confusion among passengers and employees at airports. Also in many places protested against the policies of president Donald Trump.

At airports, confusion arose when employees of the immigration office; they had trouble with interpreting the new rules.

So there was lack of clarity about the owners of a green card, a residence permit, who have been in the airport had a Trump to the decree signed. Some were detained upon arrival in the US.

Large demonstrations also emerged in the airports JFK in New York and Chicago O’hare. Thousands of people did know not to agree with the immigratieregeling. Campaigners want Sunday evenings protest at Schiphol airport.

Iraq and Iran have threatened American citizens to refuse if the united states policy to continue. World leaders, including British prime minister Theresa May, have said it does not agree with the policy of Trump.

Judge blocks plans Trump for entry

‘No chaos’

The White House late Sunday to know still behind the scheme. “It wasn’t chaos,” said chief Reince Priebus. The U.s. department of Homeland Security says that a total of 375 passengers ‘have had’ of the scheme. 173 of them were for their flight denied. 109 people were detained on arrival in the US.

“Most of them are now free again. Some are still stuck and I think if it is not terrible people, they will later today be released.”


Trump certain Friday that people from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria in the coming months are not welcome in the United States. For refugees, there is even a total ban of 120 days.

A federal judge in New York ruled that people in the USA have landed and have a valid visa, must be admitted. It is, however, a temporary noodverblijf. During a week with a valid visa on Us territory are not to be fixed or turned off.


KLM refused Sunday again, travelers to the united states as a destination. The society would not say how many there Sunday. Saturday refused to the KLM seven people to take because of the re-entry ban.

Dozens of people were refused at the airport of Istanbul, according to the local authorities. A precise number is not clear.

By the prohibition was, among other things, a translator of Iraqi descent, an Iranian scientist was on his way to a laboratory in Massachusetts, and a Syrian family that a new life would start in Ohio and detained at airports in the US.

US protests against Trumps category

At O’hara Airport in Chicago were protests against the entry of president Donald Trump.

Also at other airports in the US have a lot of people gathered

A federal judge decided that people who had landed with a valid visa should not be deported.

President Trump has the vluchtelingenprogramma for at least 120 days to shut down.

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Many experts point out, meanwhile, that Trump for the category of countries has selected that he as an entrepreneur has no business.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, major trading partners of the U.S., for example, is not on the list, while terrorists from those countries, however, attacks committed in the US.

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