Entrepreneur Ellen Cones: “I can now afford to get my mails a few days not to read’

Two months, and to tell of interesting people about their zomerwensen and plans. Today: Ellen Cones, the inspiration behind the fairtrade woolmark LNKnits.

Ellen Cones © Sacha Kleinblatt

Ellen Kegels is the mastermind behind the fairtrade woolmark LNKnits. As a young entrepreneur broke them with handmade hats and scarves from baby alpaca wool from the Andes. Cones work together with Peruvian residents and ensures that they are paid a fair wage. Meanwhile, she wrote three books with knit and haaktips and a cookbook. Through her travels to Peru, made them acquainted with the local gastronomy which her inspired to own superfoodslijn and book launch.

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What was the best summer of your life? Why?

ELLEN CONES: It may sound corny, but this summer. I am at the beginning of June civil, married to the love of my life, Nick. And the beginning of september to get married in white. It is also my first summer as a mom. I’m amusing myself enjoyed it with my daughter Lucy and now, try as much as possible to be with her.

What summer has your life changed? Why?

SKITTLES: I believe the summer of 2014. I was so bad in my skin, was completely overworked and completely. That’s when I decided to change to throw. I’m still proud of what I have since all achieved, and I pick today there are always the fruits of.

What is your ultimate zomerboek?

CONES: I’m to be honest, no real bookworm, never has been. Currently I have no time for. I read like the books of Goedele Leysen, I have in the past been very useful to me.


It is every time again countdown to holiday to leave

Have you ever seen a zomerlief had?

CONES: I made friends during the summer months, but unfortunately, ran always spoke once the winter season began. My husband on the other hand, I have in the winter to get to know, I knew he was a stayer. (laughs)

What is your favorite summer destination?

CONES: Without a doubt, the Algarve in Portugal. My sister lives there with her boyfriend and two sons. They run the bed and breakfast ‘One Life Lodge’ and organize surfkampen for women. Together with my husband, I pull out a couple of times per year towards the Atlantic Ocean for a breath of fresh air, surfing, eating good food and simply enjoy.

Tell us about a small, secret address in the foreign country that you know.

CONES: La Cantarana, the best cevicheria (seafood restaurant, ed.) in Barranco, Peru.

Where do you pull this summer?

CONES: The summer months are always very busy at LNKnits, so we attract the most before and after the summer the direction of the Portuguese Algarve. In september we will go for almost two weeks, a record number of days of vacation for me.

. © Sacha Kleinblatt

Zonneklopper or schaduwzoeker?

CONES: If, as the last few weeks, more than 35 degrees in Belgium, you will do me not in the sun. I put me always in factor 50. I can enjoy the morning and evening sun.

Are there special projects or events on your schedule this summer?

CONES: Yes, our weddings. Our civil wedding ceremony was blessed. It was raining cats and dogs, but that made it just that we have to 19 hours all were dancing to a hole in the night. Hopefully it is on the 1st of september are slightly drier, although the atmosphere is equally amazing.

What is your favorite summer festival?

CONES: Extrema outdoor Belgium, which is an annual date with my husband. We dance the whole day and evening in the best techno beats. Love it! I look forward to next year.

What is the largest vestimentaire zomerblunder according to you?

CONES: All shoes with fake or real fur. That is still dirty?

You can, once on holiday, easy to relax?

CONES: yes, it does. LNKnits is a well-established value has become and we really do have a fantastic team which I can rely. I can, more than ever, afford to my mails a few days not to open. My husband also has his own business so the weeks at home very hectic and busy, it is every time again countdown to vacation leave.


I eat no dairy, but ice-cream is sinful, I like to

The nicest terrace?

CONES: Cabanas, a delicious restaurant in Budens, Portugal. With the feet in the sand and sea look to the setting sun.

What flavors of ice cream you can’t resist? / What ice cream flavor is missing there still in this world?

SKITTLES: I eat no dairy, but ice-cream is sinful I like. My favorite is Pistachio. Sabayonijs would I have invented may be.

What is missing is never in your suitcase?

CONES: A LNKnits piece for the cooler summer evenings. Always comes in handy.

Ellen Cones © Sacha Kleinblatt

Your favourite kind of journey?

CLUBS: To Kalon Surf in Costa Rica. A luxurious surfcamp with four-hour guided surf lessons, great food, nice people and a beautiful environment. I am planning to be there next year for the third time to go together with my husband.

What is the most beautiful souvenir you’ve ever brought?

CONES: A beautiful handmade mini-dreamcatcher from Portugal, which for a long time over the cradle of my daughter has hung.

Funniest reisanekdote?

CONES: During my last surf holiday in Costa Rica were my body and face enormous burned. I had therefore always with a surfpet and a full wetsuit to surf. The photos in addition to everyone in bikini are hilarious. No sunscreen helped because the sun is so bright.

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