English Sherrock is hoping to create history at the world cup of darts

But the first will come on Tuesday in the world cup of darts in London, and in the third round. The Dutchman is found in the ‘Ally Pally’, the American Darin Young in the opening round, Raymond van Barneveld, was in charge. Follow all the latest developments in our liveblog.

  • World cup of darts
  • The fifth day of
  • The second round is:
  • The First-Young
  • The party at around 23.20 hrs

World cup of darts · for a few seconds, and geledenEvetts, it is now entirely lost, and that Sherrock for the opportunity to be in the direction of a 2-0-lead-to-go.World cup of darts · 2 minutes geledenSherrock place right away, a break, a 1-0-lead in the legs in the fifth set. It’s history has been written?World cup of darts · 5 minutes to geledenWe to get to a fifth set. Sherrock will throw a very strong leg and make it 2-2 in sets. She was the first woman with a world cup victory?World cup of darts · 7-minute geledenSherrock came in at 2-1, but Evetts makes it back 2-2 and a decisive fifth leg! It will also be a decisive fifth-set, or does Evetts in the end?World cup of darts · for 11 minutes, geledenEvetts makes a 1-to-1 against Sherrock. This is the crucial set, or will there be a fifth and final set with? After this the party plays in the Beginning of the first, in every case, even against Darin Young.World cup of darts · up to 14 minutes geledenSherrock is a 1-0-lead in the legs of the fourth set.World cup of darts · is a 17-minute geledenEvetts is important, the 2-1-lead in the set. The Brit hits in the deciding leg of the third set. You can Sherrock is still making a comeback, and one of the first women to ever be in a world cup match wins?World cup of darts · 18 minutes geledenSherrock got all four up or down arrows to set to win…

Sherrock missions of four, set of darts, allowing Evetts to swoop in and take this set to a deciding leg!

AvatarAuteurPDC DartsMoment of plaatsen22:57 am – december 17, 2019WK darts · a 20-minute geleden2 2 legs in the third set. I manage to Sherrock on for a 2-1-lead, in sets, or in the lead, however, to Evetts?World cup of darts · is a 28-minute geledenWe going to go to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in London. But the only way to play will be against Darin Young in the first round, but hopes that Fallon Sherrock is the first woman to be a party to win at the world cup. It is 1-1 in sets against Ted Evetts.

Previous race results this evening:
Ritchie Edhouse-Boris Koltsov 3-1
Jose de Sousa-Damon Heta is 0 to 3

Fallon Sherrock is currently averaging 96 the lord, as she takes the second set and levels the match!

AvatarAuteurPDC DartsMoment of plaatsen22:43 – december 17, 2019WK darts · 5 hours geledenDe the last game of the afternoon has come to an end. Krzysztof Ratajski turn on Zoran Lerchbacher 3-1 on one side, and place himself before the third round.

Zoran Lerchbacher, started strong in the match, but was able to come in with the better game by Krzysztof Ratajski, who, with a 3-1 win, and put up for the first round! #rtl7darts #darts

AvatarAuteurRTL7DartsMoment of plaatsen18:00 pm – december 17, 2019WK darts · 6 hours of geledenNoel Malicdem will post an easy 3-0 victory at the Rowby-John Rodriguez-and the place for the second round of the world cup.

Noel Malicdem will post a 3-0 victory on a Rowby-John Rodriguez, and continues on to the second round! #rtl7darts #darts

AvatarAuteurRTL7DartsMoment of plaatsen16:53 – 17-december 2019WK darts · 7 hours agoReyes to second round of world cup
Cristo de los Reyes bows down a 0-2 deficit into a 3-2 victory against Lourence Ilagan. In the second-round encounter with the Spaniard on a two-time world champion Adrian Lewis.World cup of darts · 8 hours of geledenWie throw the most 180? Cristo de los Reyes, or Lourence Ilagan.

BEAUTIFUL!!! A contest is a contest!!! 💪 #rtl7darts #darts

AvatarAuteurRTL7DartsMoment of plaatsen15:19 – december 17, 2019WK of darts · 8 hours of geledenRobbie King will be a matchdart, but missed the double 20. Ryan Searle throws him to do to win the game, whereas this is a place in the second round of the world cup.

He made hard work of it and was pushed all the way by Robbie King, but Standing makes it over the line to book his place in the Second Round.

AvatarAuteurPDC DartsMoment of plaatsen14:47 – 17, december 2019WK of darts · 9 pm geledenEen superb finish from Ryan Searle. The Englishman throws out 170 in case of a tie in sets, against the Strong, King: 1-to-1.

It’s the biggest finish line of the lot from Ryan, Standing as he brings this match is alive!

AvatarAuteurPDC DartsMoment of plaatsen14:22 – december 17, 2019WK darts · 11 hours ago,Anderson has the pleasure found
Gary Anderson has all the fun of darts have been recovered. The 48-year-old Scot had also yesterday with a convincing 3-0-victory against Brendan Dolan in the second round of the world CHAMPIONSHIP darts in London on the way back after a debilitating back injury. “I really enjoy the game, and what I was in for a long period of time not to have done so. It was in the last couple of days were really good in the trainingsbord. I was very happy with it, gave me a smile on my face,” said Anderson. “I was so nervous for the race. I’ve seen this year, not far from the stage, and, therefore, don’t miss I beat. It is something to get used to all of them. You have to know ahead of time how things will expand.”World cup of darts · 13 hours agoThis is the fifth day of the uci road world CHAMPIONSHIPS in London:

Starting at 13:30:

First round (best of 5 sets)
Ryan Searle-Robbie King
Cristo Reyes-Lourence Ilagan
Rowby-John Rodriguez-By Noel Malicdem

Second round (best of 5 sets)
Krzysztof Ratajski (21)-Zoran Lerchbacher

From 20: 00 onwards:
First round (best of 5 sets)
Ritchie Edhouse-Boris Koltsov
Jose de Sousa-Damon Heta
Ted Evetts-Fallon Sherrock

Second round (best of 5 sets)
The beginning of the first (23)-Darin YoungWK darts · 16 hours ago“I can not, for example, an hour in the car at the same time. I have to be there in half an hour, really just to stretch your legs. There is something wrong, but no one, including the friendly staff, knows what it is.” Van der Voort has, however, greatly annoyed by the statements of Raymond van Barneveld, in his recently published book. The Hagenaar, called Van der Voort contained therein kleinzeriger than he is. “Raymond won’t know what I can do. He should have had a week of life changing and we will see if it is still like that, I kleinzeriger me. I feel sorry for him. He does this to make himself better, to get out of it, then you are a very self-oriented.” (2/2)world cup of darts · 16 hours agoother people don’t know how much pain, what can I say
Vincent van der Voort, and is happy that he is in spite of the necessary physical discomfort at the expense of a great talent, He’s Barry qualified for the second round of the world CHAMPIONSHIP darts in London. The Purmerender annoyed by the people who have to make judgments about the pain he was feeling. “At first it was my lower back was the problem. Therefore, I had to. Now it’s the knee that’s the problem. That’s why I have not, and the left ankle is also still an issue. I have to go, if I was in the third-round pick, the 20th december to go to the hospital to see photos of the presentations and I hope to know what it is,” said Van der Voort. (1 and 2)Back to top

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