English poptalent get less and less opportunities for large venues

English poptalent get less and less opportunities for large venues

Big pop festivals such as Eurosonic/Noorderslag give English poptalent less and less often, the opportunity to act.

Higher costs and lower revenues make it risky to up-and-coming talent to programming, turns out Thursday from research commissioned by the performing arts Fund nl. The results are offered to minister Jet Bussemaker (Culture).

Bussemaker showed the house last year to know that they are worried about the flow of young English talent to the big stage. It is often on small and medium-sized venues to act on. The fund advises to do research on the wages, because zaaleigenaren the risks sometimes try to hedge by low wages or not at all for gigs to pay.

For new or renovated venues the figures deviate, but also that have to do with a much more expensive operation so halls as well as sold out should be to cover the cost, as stated in the report.

Talent development

Furthermore, it would not only have to look at the ‘flying hours’ that bands, singers and singers on music venues. Schools of music, social media, festivals and courses to play according to the researchers, is just as much a role in the development of talent.

The Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) reported last month that the performing arts, especially music, in 2015 more public spend a couple of years earlier. The income of the institutions were thirteen percent higher than in 2012. Concert goers gave last year, sixteen percent more on snacks and drinks.

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