Enemy opens an attack on Turkish vessels, and interests in Libya

The Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar has led his troops to the Friday assignment was given to the Turkish ships and the interest in the Libya attack. A spokesman for Haftar, has announced.

Turkey is a key ally of the internationally recognized Libyan government of prime minister Fayez Al Sarraj, who is in tripolis (Tripoli) the seat of. That is, it is locked in a power struggle with the enemy Haftar.

“The order is given to the air force, in order to focus on the Turkish ships and boats in the territorial waters of Libya,” said legergeneraal Ahmed Al Mismari. “The Turkish strategic positions, companies and projects in which the Turkish state are the armed forces to be legitimate targets, to be considered”, he added.

Haftar controls the east of Libya, and fighting in addition to the government in Tripoli against militant islamic groups. Libya is in chaos since the dictator, Muammar Kaddafi in 2011, it was switched off.

April started out with the armed forces of the enemy, an offensive for Tripoli is to conquer the world, but they are still not able to do that. Wednesday-had to Haftar withdraw from Gharyan, a town just to the south of Tripoli.

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