Endless wars to the “glorious” end, tweets Trump

nearvideo trump administration officials say the United States is pursuing an orderly withdrawal of troops from Syria

President Trump late on Monday tweeted that the United States would stop, get tangled up in “endless wars” and the military role in these conflicts is “finally to a glorious end.”

Trump’s tweet comes on the heels of the recent news reports indicate that the U.S. is specified as in the vicinity of the withdrawal of troops from Syria, as the President, in the last month.

“Endless wars, especially those fought from judgment, mistakes were made, many years ago, and the ones where we get a little financial or military aid from the rich countries, which so greatly benefit from what we do, finally, to a glorious end!!!” he tweeted.

John Bolton, the national security adviser, said at the weekend that U.S. troops stay in Syria until key benchmarks are met, including a final ISIS and representations of Turkey, the Kurdish troops in the country will not be attacked to defeat.

The New York Times reported that Bolton and other officials have worked in the White house, “behind the scenes” to the President, to draw in the last month 2,000 troops after declaring victory over ISIS.

Trump has insisted that he bar never an exact time of when the troops would be pulled out, but his December tweet moved the alarms from both Republicans and Democrats alike.

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