Empty shelves and dead silence: a Dutchman is stuck in a closed in Wuhan

The feline corona virus at least 41 million people are ‘captured’ in the fourteen Chinese cities. Often, highways are closed, train stations closed and air traffic is flattened. Dutch Clark (last name withheld) is with his girlfriend and their son at the epicenter of the virus outbreak, Wuhan: “It is a gevangenisachtig sense. You want, but I can’t.”

On Monday, Henk, that the experience was shared at the reactieplatform NUjij, after a visit to the family back home. “The flight has been cancelled. How do I get home? I don’t know. The car is not an option.” Henk was in his own words, just like many others, was overwhelmed by the uitreisverbod that the Chinese government is set up.

Major streets that normally would be filled with thousands of people in china, your eyes are empty and abandoned. A provincial dual carriageway, go straight through the city, and the amount of cars to be counted on one hand. There seems to be a calm and serene peace. In a dead silence and calm, which doesn’t fit in, a place where you can enjoy the eleven million inhabitants in their day to day lives.

What’s been going on?

  • Corona virus, it broke, december 8, from Wuhan
  • The Virus claimed 26 fatalities. A further 830 people are sick
  • The city has, since Thursday, until further notice, “closed”

Empty shelves can lead to panic’

Henk leaves the house only. “Tours are not: everything is still tight.” To the grocery store and the pharmacy, he is an exception, but there he was, the last few days, you know. John will be: “are The shelves in the supermarket were totally empty, and people were stockpiling before the Chinese new year.”

In the absence of the products is not to worry about it, said the Dutchman. Supermarkets also have A4 sheets of paper, hung where is that panic is not needed, because the shelves a day later on money. Also, at the pharmacy, where there is a huge demand of, inter alia, to gloves, such as antibiotics, nasal spray and pain pills, there was a supply of empty shelves as a result.

Empty shelves at a supermarket in Wuhan. (Photo: Mike)

There is nepnieuws spread’

The Chinese government and the distress in the head, having pushed through the night in trucks with the goods to make it to Wuhan. John will be: “Friday morning was, in any event, the supermarket will once again be well-stocked. This surprised me in a positive way.”

Unrest in the city and is mainly fed by the Chinese social network Weibo, the popular berichtenapp WeChat. According to Henk there are also rumors and nepnieuws spread.

For example, he has an opinion about the heating within a house at any time high in the 20 or even over 30 degrees celsius, and if the virus is to kill it. Henk, you can laugh. “In an apartment, you do not want to live, I guess.”

Stories in the international media, which reports that the Chinese, who have such lies spread violently to be taken up, to recognize Dutch did not. “Here they are anyway reluctant to criticize the government on every street corner, is a camera.”

The only people who go out, wear a mask, and they are often on their way to the grocery store. (Photo: Mike)

‘The measures the Chinese government until april last”

For now, it is not clear if the city is once again open for business as well. John will be: “Likely to choose the government, to ensure that after the start of the Chinese new year, and to do that, but it is also a data as of april, around the water cooler.”

Henk does not want to wait and see, and is in contact with the embassy to speed up to get home. Tentatively, he receives a zero in the response. The position where The Dutch are coming up this week, again, from the start, it will have to wait.

Will he be pleased with the exceptional situation. “Today, we will enjoy a delicious lunch, and ate it. You need to be positive and continue to make money now that not. I want to put my son out of this situation.”

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