Employment and unemployment

Employment and unemployment

The first self-dependent decision in the life of every young person is the occupational choice. That important step determines the future life and I think it must be in right direction. But not all people understand it and often they complicate their life by themselves. Many people have influence on us when we decide to do something; these are our parents, friends, relatives and also the society as a whole. According to the statistics young people under 20 don’t have aspirations, and they are purposeless in this life.

For example, 7 young people out of 10 don’t know what will they do in the future and even what they want to do. And such situation is widespread not only in Russia but worldwide. Young people don’t want to work or just to have any interesting occupation in their life. I think such people are very shilly-shally, probably they have no stimulus and striving for something. They go with the stream of life and don’t want to change something in their life-family, salary, apartments or job. Frankly to say, I can’t understand such people, because I think we live once in our life and we must do everything to spend the best life: best people surrounding us, best things, worthy job, which brings worthy salary and interesting occupation. Thus, the first thing which we must undertake is to get a job.

My friends and I are in this situation now. Many of us are looking for job, some have already found it, but however it is not a real job with real money, this is just underworking. In several months we will face with the employment or unemployment problem. We will write our CVs and propose ourselves for this or that appointment. We will mention only our merits; refer to our extra knowledge and experience, if there is one. And, as a result of our efforts we get or don’t get this long-expected job. I think it is up to person, how he will sell himself to the employer, how he can awake interest in him and really persuade him in need of you.

Certainly, it is not easy as you can imagine. But I think if you are a very self-confident, aspiring, pushing and self-dependent person, you will get a job without fail. Because such people win everybody’s favor and employer is interesting in such forward-looking employee.  But if you are slow-moving, tiresome and indifferent, you will get this vacancy in no circumstances. And such rules can be referred to any profession and to any person. Every man want to see his/her firm/organization successful, therefore he engage active, sociable and energetic people. If you are pro in your profession, you will make terms and when the employer sees it he undoubtedly will hire you, because he is interested in such experts like you are. 


Of course it becomes more difficult when you are just from the university with diploma in your hands and no experience at all. You have only theory in your head and can’t imagine how will it everything be on practice. But, this situation is not insoluble. As you know, there is nothing impossible in our life. And I think the man can do everything. It all depends on his wishes. If I want –I will do this- this is a motto of every successful person. Firstly, you can offer an employer to do the practical work at his firm only to get an experience and just understand how it is to be at work, and not at the lessons. And if you get consent, you get a real chance now to prove yourself and your merits in these 2or 3 months. So, the next stage is foresaid-what you must do, say or improve to get this job.

And, in addition to my discussion I want to say some words about unemployment. Many young people complain about the unemployment. But I think it is just laziness
. Opening every day newspapers and magazines I see a great number of vacancies for young people-managers, promoters, realty agents, messengers, sellers and so on. And I think if you really need money you will work everywhere without shame. If no, you will sit home and talk about unemployment in Russia.

But as we know this problem exists in other countries too: Germany, France, Spain and so on. I know many young people in Germany couldn’t find job and always write complaint to the government. But in real life, it is otherwise. Germans have plenty of Turks in their country. These Turks work there as waiters, nightmen, ashmen and Germans are very pleased with their work. So, they hate this unskilled labor (black job), they think it is a job for Turks, and not for them. If employer offers them such job, they definitely will refuse and say then, that the government can’t offer them worthy work.

So, getting a job is a very difficult and not pleasant pastime. Certainly, it depends on the society traditions, upbringing in family and knowledge. But the main object of this problem is you by yourself, your ambitions and wishes. Once a very famous person (Benjamin Franklin) said: “A job-is a high-paid hobby”. And I agree with this statement. If you have stimulus and ideal in your life, you will strive for it and certainly reach a goal, i.e. get a job, form a family, earn real money and enjoy the life.

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