Emotional Fatter can be difficult to comprehend that they are the ‘geflikt’ on world cup

Emotional Fatter can be difficult to comprehend that they are the ‘geflikt’ on world cup

Anouk Vetter was Sunday night but it’s hard to realize that they bronze has caught on the world cup. The zevenkampster held in the closing 800 metres and that took care of the necessary emotion.

“I still can’t believe that I dared immediately after the finish, not at all,” said Vetter for the camera of NUsport.

“There were right after the race what the girls up to me to congratulate me, but then I thought: wait, first I want to see on the screen that I really third am. Once that appeared on the screen, the tears came. And just on the stage again. Now I’m suddenly a hyper girl. It should all still countries.”

The 24-year-old Amsterdam was also as number three of the ranking in the 800 meters started, and although she has a large lead had on the Cuban number four Yorgelis Rodriguez, she was not reassured.

“I’m just not as strong in the 800 meters,” said Vetter, who is in the army finished, but the Rodriguez no more sides left in terms of points value (6.636 to 6.594).

“I have during the race alone but to the shoes of Naffie (the Belgian gold medalist Nafissatou Thiam, ed.) looked and then, suddenly I heard the bell for the last round. Then I went over it. Maybe that was too early, I don’t know. I also don’t know what time I walked. I saw afterwards that I third was preserved, and this is a dream come true.”


After the first day of the internet, there are still not that Vetter, a medal would be better. She was, after four parts on the fourth pitch.

“I last night was therefore a bit timid. Especially of the 200 metres annoyed me considerably, but if you can convert on the second day, then you’re just a good athlete,” said Vetter, who is sometimes criticized is that they are too often self-doubt.

The basis for the medal, was on Sunday laid at the javelin, where Vetter with 58,41 m a personal and a kampioenschapsrecord down. “Spear was the highlight I needed. And also the long jump was very important.”

Vetter impresses with world cup-bronze on internet





Anouk Vetter during the award ceremony with her bronze world CHAMPIONSHIP medal in the combined events.

The Belgian Nafissatou Thiam won the gold on the internet. The German Carolin Schäfer was second.

After the race Vetter captured Dafne Schippers the bronze in the 100 metres.

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The world cup-bronze for Vetter comes a year after in Amsterdam surprisingly the EK-title the crucifixion. Her third place in London is a confirmation that they are in 2017 is a step.

“I’ve never pronounced, but in advance it was my goal to make the top five. It must succeed on a world cup to show that you are forward are gone. And that is successful. In fact, it is bronze. I have the geflikt.”

The rest was Fatter not the only Dutch in London in action at the combined events. Nadine Visser was seventh and Nadine Broersen was after five parts to the fight to cease because of a hamstring injury.

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