Emotional Aaron Carter gives an explanation about arrest

Emotional Aaron Carter gives an explanation about arrest

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Aaron Carter is Tuesday in tears erupted when he the story of his arrest told.

The 29-year-old singer admitted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight for the first time, text and explanation about what happened Saturday happened.

Carter and his girlfriend, Madison Parker were on the way from North Carolina to house, when they were in Atlanta were held. Carter is suspected of driving under the influence, marijuana possession and possession of drug-related objects.

In the interview, he admitted that the weed had, but the singer denied under the influence behind the wheel to have been.

Cheap car

That he has swung way, came, according to Carter, because the car that he has on the head had tapped technical defects. “We decided to have a cheap car to buy in place of a lot of money to spend on a car”, explained the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick.

Carter kept to his own words, ” a trauma on 9/11 and flies therefore do not like. “That car was not aligned, therefore I hurled what.”

According to Carter, he is heavy handed by the police from his car and dragged. “They wanted to know if I have anything illegal with me. I then said: I have marijuana in the trunk. I tried to explain the situation, but had my mouth.”


Carter claims that he was not under the influence of narcotics at the wheel. To say that he can hardly drink because of his health problems. The singer admitted that he and weed had smoked for him in the car got, but that would be nine hours before his arrest.

Carter used weed as a medicine, he claims himself. Until last weekend, he also used pain killers because of kaakpijn, but he is immediately after his arrest stopped. “Further, I use nothing. Zero comma zero. I am ready for a lie detector test.”

Health problems

“I would never have my life or that of my girlfriend at risk,” said Carter. “I have health problems.” The singer announced in april that he suffers from hiatal hernia, a condition in which the sluitspiertje between the stomach and esophagus to be less well functioning.

Carter was talking about “a type of eating disorder” and “a terrible stressaandoening”. “My doctor has warned me about stress,” he said Tuesday. “If I have too much stress, I can get cancer.”

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