Emma Stone overcame panic attacks by acting

Emma Stone overcame panic attacks by acting

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Emma Stone has her acting career, her fears overcome. As a child, the 28-year-old actress often suffer from panic attacks and she was very shy.

That tells the La La Land, actress in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

From her fourteenth dreamed Stone of a career as an actress. “I was sitting in class during history and decided on the spot: I am moving to Los Angeles to be an actress. At home I made a PowerPoint for my parents to convince of ‘Project Hollywood’.”

“My plan was to get together with my mother to LA to move, where I private lessons would get between the auditions. My father would be in Scottsdale to stay for his company. It’s actually surprising that they plan to have approved,” she says.

Stone’s childhood was characterized by panic attacks and also she was very shy. “When I was seven years old was sent to my parents to me to a therapy and that has helped.” However, it went even better with Stone when she started with the Youth.

In the skin of others to the steps, she was less afraid of the world around her, and she learned to deal with others. “I think my parents saw that the acting thing was that me happy made.” Just after her fifteenth birthday, moved Stone actually to Los Angeles with her mother.


When Stone more recognition she got again to do with stressklachten. “I felt I was again seven years old, I found it scary. Through the years I have known better to learn to deal with my fears, just as I did as a child.”

Nevertheless, anxiety on the lurk. “In 2014 I had during the filming of Birdman again an attack, but maybe it was just a panic attack, such as actors more often have,” she says. Further, the actress is afraid for moments when they are lifted, horseback riding, and she is afraid for certain sports such as tennis.

It is also Stone not to love the talk with journalists. “Prior to each interview, I need a moment to myself and breathe in deeply. I find it scary that everything I say written, I’m rather on the other side.”

La La Land

The film, La La Land, where Stone is the protagonist in the plays along with Ryan Gosling, was nominated for fourteen Oscars. The film has a record number of nominations in the wait dragged on for the ceremony on 26 February.

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