Emilia Clarke does not want to compete with the movie Love Actually

Although Emilia Clarke plays the leading role in a movie that Last Christmas, hot, she had never had any feeling that she was in a movie it was.

“It’s true that Kate (the main character, ed.). in kerstwinkel to work, and that’s the story of Christmas play, but Santa never comes to an end in the film,” says Clarke, who became famous thanks to her role in Game of Thrones, in

“You’ll see a sleigh or reindeer,” said the 33-year-old actress. “For me, this film is about a young woman who had a difficult time in her life and is going through.”

Clark has never felt that she was going to have to compete with other well-known kerstfilms. “It is not for a moment have occurred to me that we are, for instance, Love, Actually would have to beat them.” According to the actress, it is that which is called “the absolute” is impossible.

The director is Paul Feig, who, films such as Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters to his name, he tells the story in the first place, not even in a winter scene. “That’s when Emma (Thompson, ed.). in the script, and began to play it over the summer. But we started out around Christmas with all of the pictures in London, and then I found the winter to be beautiful in order to not have to use it.”

The movie is an ode to George Michael

As the title of the film suggests, is the music of the in 2016, and death, George-Michael used to be in Charge of Christmas. “I was always a fan, and the Freedom is my favorite song, but because of the movie, I have music and much much more come to appreciate,” says Feig.

A total of fifteen of His songs are used more than you intended. “Sometimes, I saw it right away, for me, is that a specific song at a specific scene, heard of this, but others came in later during post-production.”

Feig will see the film as a tribute to the British singer, who, three years ago, on Christmas day, and died, and a 53-year-old. “He was involved in it, then, Emma, eight years ago, the script is started. She and George were good friends, and he loved that his music was being used.”

Last Christmas, running from Thursday, in movie theaters. Thompson not only wrote the script but also plays the mother Character in the film. The male lead is played by Henry Golding, well known for Crazy Rich Asians.


Emilia Clarke: “I’ve had my rebellious time, skipped.’

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