Emergency assistance to the Bahamas is going to be island of Abaco in worst-hit

The emergency assistance for people living in the Bahamas after a storm Dorian is on the move again. The island of Abaco seems to be the hardest hit and most in need of assistance, please notify the Red Cross on Friday. Also, on the island of Grand Bahama, the damage is very serious,” said the organisation.

In the Bahamas, have so far been at least thirty people were killed by the forces of nature, but the authorities fear that the number a is going to go up. “People need to be prepared at the incredibly bad news of the death,” said the Bahamian minister of Duane Sand on human Health.

Thousands of people have been reported missing. It made local hunter, Richard Johnson, and his six-year-old brother Adrian is gone. The young man was simply not able to cope with the orkaanwinden. “I think that’s the effect of wind on him in seconds, starting from the top of the water and blew up,” says a forlorn-Johnson told Reuters.

Dorian, this was the biggest storm that the Caribbean islands have ever witnessed. The hurricane of the fifth and came around to rest on top of the northern islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. With wind gusts up to 300 kilometres per hour, which meant the storm was almost 48 hours and, incredibly, the house, and the islands in ruins.

“I have never, ever experienced anything like this, and I will never have anything like it?”, said the minister, as well as Sands at a local radio station.


Aircraft, films, havoc on the Bahamas, in the wake of hurricane Dorian

First responders arrived on Abaco

According to the Red Cross and the relief effort is getting better on the course. With a large team of international professionals is ready to provide aid to the affected islands, said the spokesperson, Naomi Nolte. Some of them have been to Abaco travelled from the Bahamian capital of Nassau on the island of New Providence, that the Hotel is largely spared from home.

The employees of the organisation to come to Colorado with a lot of people. In these discussions, it appeared that every resident of his or her home is lost, and that many of the Bahamanen a family member or a neighbor are lost.

From united states of america, it is Thursday afternoon, an airplane with relief supplies from the Red Cross, arrived in Nassau this week-end, there are two planes in the. The relief goods include drinking water, food, blankets, and tarps.

Emergency workers load the noodpakketten from a plane on the back of a truck. (Photo: Red Cross)

The royal navy will have to cancel noodhulpoefening

The netherlands will send two navy ships to the Bahamas to assist it. The amphibious transport ship Zr. Ms. Johan de Witt, and the vessel, Sister. Ms. Snellius, are currently being prepared on the island of St Maarten.

The Royal Navy, it would really be a great noodhulpoefening keep it on the island of St Maarten, Curacao, Bonaire and St. Eustatius, but, according to the spokesman, Alex Kranenburg, this exercise was cancelled due to a natural disaster would come to an End.

According to him, it must be reflected in the extent to which the Bahamian authorities wish to make use of the Dutch aid programme. The navy will have up to three people vooruitgestuurd with a co-ordinating organisations are required. “They will listen to what you require of us, and desires to,” says Kranenburg.

According to the spokesman, the navy has much to offer. The ships will be in addition to all kinds of emergency supplies are also equipped with two helicopters, four landing craft, and two of the specialist duikteams. Fly, about four hundred military personnel and a medical staff on the ships, which are supposedly the 8th of september to leave, and the september 11, arriving in the Bahamas.

Almost all residents of the Bahamian island of Abaco has been left homeless by the hurricane Hotel. (Photo: Getty Images)

UN: 70,000 people are in urgent need of help

The United Nations estimates that some 70,000 people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, the need to have it. Social workers, however, are in for some serious challenges. Thus, the airports have not yet become operational because of the damage, and search and rescue helicopters, people barely reach it, because there was no place to land.

On the internet at the Abaco beach, Abaco, and Grand Bahama is mostly a flat surface. About thirteen thousand homes were destroyed, and large areas are under water.

A few people have already been rescued from the Colorado. They were given to, among others, in aid of the Red Cross nurses, who have been on the island before the hurricane. They provide first aid, and bring people to the hospital. About four hundred people have already been taken care of in the hospital-in-Marsh Harbour, Abaco. In the hospital, in Grand Bahama, however, appears to be damaged in order to function properly.

The bahamas have been hit hard by a hurricane Dorian

Storm Dorian, the island of Abaco in the ruins.
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People will drag to the assets which they have with them.
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Dorian held for nearly 48 hours and, incredibly, the house on the Bahamian islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.
© To The Red Cross

The storm has the boat land on the side.
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The two women, walking between the ruins through.
© Reuters

The Red Cross is on hand to noodpakketten.
© To The Red Cross

Large parts of Colorado are still under water caused by flash floods.
© To The Red Cross

From the air, the huge damage is evident on the island of Abaco.
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