Emergency assistance for St. Maarten after hurricane Irma comes on corridor

Emergency assistance for St. Maarten after hurricane Irma comes on corridor

The emergency aid to Sint Maarten after the devastating hurricane Irma comes. There is, for the first time since the hurricane, an aircraft landed at the battered airport, and the first Dutch navy ship has noodgoederen unloaded.

Marinecommandant Peter Jan the Vin of the navy vessel Zr. Ms. Pelican let Twitter know that the ship to Curaçao as fast as a new stock of supplies to pick up.

The Vin had to know that would almost be put to the hurricane José to escape. According to calculations by the U.s. National Hurricane Center in Miami attracts the hurricane Saturday afternoon local time on Antigua and Barbuda, and not much later along Anguilla and St. Maarten, prior to the north bend.

It is the emergency services Thursday evening (local time) succeeded in a testvliegtuig of the coast guard of Curaçao to land at the heavily damaged airport of Sint Maarten.

Only aircraft without the help of the air traffic control tower independently, countries can, find. In the testvliegtuigje was a small contingent of additional police officers. That are used for maintaining public order and safety on St. Maarten.

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The hurricane Irma now has fourteen people killed on the various Caribbean islands. At least five people were killed on St. Maarten, including one on the Dutch side of the island.

According to minister Ronald Plasterk of kingdom relations help the existing military, the local police in restoring public order. There are fifty extra police officers from Curacao, on the way to Sint Maarten. “Fortunately, we have already in advance soldiers to the island sent.”

The public administration on the island is the lack of communication is not functional, according to the minister, who earlier on Thursday spoke with William Marlin, the premier of the island. Who is worried about housing and the availability of medical help.


Helicopter filming the damage in Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma


“A lot of people on Sint-Maarten are only trying to survive and do everything to eat and drink. We need the masses are keeping it under control.” That says, the former prime minister of Sint-Maarten and current chairman of the parliament Sarah Wescott-Williams.

She is responding thus to the ongoing stories about looting on the island that Wednesday was hit by the devastating hurricane Irma. There is, according to her urgent need of aid.

“The devastation by hurricane Irma Sint-Maarten are so much worse than all the previous hurricanes that we have experienced,” says Wescott-Williams. “We have a huge blow. No one could have expected. Everyone is amazed at the strength of the hurricane.”

The former prime minister saw cars fly away “as matchbooks by the wind”.

Hurricane Irma causes havoc on Windward Islands

Slowly it is becoming more and more clear about the damage that hurricane Irma has caused on Sint Maarten.

From the air the damage in Sint Maarten good to see.
© A

High waves near the coast of Sint Maarten.

The NH90 helicopter of the Royal Navy made Wednesday afternoon local time a first reconnaisance flight over the island.

The airport on St. Maarten.

Point Blanche in Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma is visited.

Readers send photos of the situation on Sint Maarten.
© Koen Soonius and Dave Knotter

The damage on the island of St-Maarten is significantly.
© Soonius and Dave Knotter

Entire houses have collapsed as a result of the hurricane Irma.

First images of Sint Maarten show that hurricane Irma on the island wreaked havoc has done.
© Youtube

The French government has let us know that a number of solid buildings, such as a police station and an army barracks have been damaged, so the expectation is that less-strong buildings not much better.
© Peter Jan de Vin/Defense

In the capital Philipsburg is a case of heavy flooding and damage.

Collomb has three additional between to the hard-hit islands of Sint Maarten and Saint-Barthélemy sent.
© Royal Navy

Irma is a hurricane of the worst category with wind speeds up to 295 kilometers per hour.
© Weerplaza

Messages that residents of the affected island leave, speak of devastation as a result of the hard gusts of wind. It comes to weggewaaide roofs and power poles, fallen trees, and even fires in houses.
© @Zeliard91

A lot of people have in recent days tried as much as possible to make preparations to Irma to resist.

Also have most of the population, large stocks of water and food in the game for a number of days in the house to survive, should the need arise.

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Hurricane Jose

At the first repair and the delivery of emergency assistance is in a hurry. The following hurricane, Jose, is Saturday morning already expected. Is expected to that storm in terms of strength in the third category.

Ministers involved in the relief efforts by the hurricane Irma affected islands to come Friday to meet again in the National Crisis Centre. That the ministry of Security and Justice let you know.

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