Elon Musk, the freaks on the “advanced AI”, and the manipulation of social media

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has made it clear that he believes that ” artificial intelligence “, the mankind’s biggest threat’, even going so far as to say that it could lead to World War III. Musk took to be a warning to a whole new level on Thursday, the fact that the “sophisticated AI”, it will be used for the manipulation of social media.

“If advanced AI (beyond the basic bots can be used to manipulate the social media, it won’t be long before you are,” Musk tweeted on Thursday morning. He followed that up by tweeting that the anonymous bots will need to be investigated further.


It is not clear what prompted Musk to tweet about, anonymous, bots, accounts that are created on social media sites, which are often difficult to trace to a specific person or source. Russia’s Internet Research Agency, and was prosecuted by 2018, and for the creation of bots to spread confusion and disinformation campaigns, in 2016, during the presidential election.

Musk, himself, is often the target of fake social media accounts, including the ones on this thread. A similar account can be found here, it has the same avatar, and Musk, and ask the users to visit a website in order to win a prize.”

Although the Musky, 48, has railed against the technology in the past, and he is working to get people to be on a par with the AI, that is, he was said to gain from the mankind on the “all things” as soon as 2030 or 2040.

In November of 2018 interview Musk hinted at the fact that a Neuralink), a neurotechnology company he co-founded, aims to “re-define what the future will be the people.” The goal is to get humanity to the attainment of a synthesis of articial intelligence, in order to achieve the democratisation of intelligence in such a way that it is not monopolistically held by government agencies and large corporations.”

By doing so, Musk is believed that it can help to even the playing field for the digital iq, which he thinks is better than the biological intelligence by a significant margin.”


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