Elon Musk stops when Trump advisor as a US climate deal, get

Elon Musk stops when Trump advisor as a US climate deal, get

As the American president Trump decision for the US to withdraw from the climate deal Paris, Elon Musk as his adviser.

Writes that Musk on Twitter.

Elon Musk, the ceo of Tesla and SpaceX, wrote that he Trump, and others in the White House several times has advised to in the climate deal. A question from a Twitterer what happens if Trump withdraws, reacts Musk: “there is no other way than as a consultant.”

Trump has not officially announced whether or not the U.S. from the agreement get, but sources close to the White House suggested Wednesday that the decision to stop behind the scenes already taken. In the unfccc is directed at the reduction of the CO2 emissions.

Elon Musk got a lot of criticism because he is Trump advice. The director of Tesla defended himself by saying that he has a positive wants to exercise influence in the White House on solving climate problems.

In the advisory board of Trump are still a number of important entrepreneurs, including Mary Barra (General Motors) and Ginni Rometty (IBM). Uber ceo Travis Kalanick was also in the council, but he got in February. The taxi service came under fire because the chief executive with Trump worked

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