Elon Musk says AI will soon make us look like monkeys

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Sooner or later, robots will be making chimps of us all.

That’s the warning from Elon Musk, who claimed on Thursday that artificial intelligence will eventually create robots that will not only be as smart as humans, but it makes sense.

At a Shanghai event, with Alibaba’s billionaire founder, Jack Ma, its eccentric CEO, in relation to the intelligence gap between the human and the AI-driven robots of the future, in order to bridge the gap between humans and chimpanzees.

“You can be a chimpanzee, really, to understand people all the time? No, not really,” Musk said.

“We seem to have a strange to a foreigner. They usually just have to take care of the other chimpanzees. And this is how it is, more or less.”

Indeed, the South African-born Musk, adding that the intelligence gap is, it will most likely be “much, much bigger than that,” and said that it was easy to get to the point where all the things of human beings’ control.

“So what do you do with a situation such as this? I don’t know for sure. I’m hoping that you’re beautiful,” he said.

The tech tycoon behind Tesla and SpaceX, went on to say that the majority of people underestimate the abilities of the AI.”

“They think it’s like to be a smart man, but it’s going to be a lot more to it than that,” Musk said on the stand. “It won’t take much to be smarter than the smartest human being.”

“The first thing that you need to be assured that we are very, very stupid, and certain things have to be smarter than us,” he added.

Musk is well known for its warning about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence, it has been said that it is “much more of a risk than North Korea.”

However, Musk is also the founder of a startup called Neuralink, which revealed last month that it aims to link the human brain to computers as soon as next year.

This story was first published in the New York Post.

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