Elon Musk plots of land for 30,000 more internet satellites into orbit, the criticism is voiced, and he will be the fall of them be the man of the Earth”

SpaceX chief Elon Musk answers questions following by 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition at the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles on July 21, 2019. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP) (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

SpaceX wants to add 30,000 Starlink broadband satellites, to 12,000 and the plan is to turn it into a job, in spite of the concerns that have been expressed about the “space junk” trapping us here on Earth.

Elon Musk, the company recently filed a request with the International Telecommunication Union.

Starlink is a project that is going to be more than 12,000 of the satellites to the Earth, so that they are able to offer low-cost Wi-fi internet access all over the world.


The recent request for permission to be able to take up to seven years to get the tolerances for the selected satellites will be launched.

SpaceX would have to launch all of the 30,000 of satellites in view, but to submit to them would be to stop by the other satellite operators going after the same slot.

For the first 60 Starlink satellites into orbit in May, and have been criticized for being spotted in the night sky looks very bright, and very visible.

When it is spotted flying above the Netherlands, with a Dutch UFO site has been inundated with more than 150 reports from people who thought that they were looking for Ufo’s.

It is thought that the satellites seemed to be so much in the first place, because they did not have the opportunity to have their intended orbit altitude of 340 km above the Earth.

Musk responded to concerns on Twitter, and said the satellites will be in complete darkness when the stars are visible, and, therefore, should not be allowed to interfere with the night sky.

The satellites are designed to be spread out at different heights above the ground including, an altitude of 340 km and 710 km.

The new satellite, the request will be asked to consent to additional satellites in orbit, ranging from 203 km to 360 km, which will lead to the improvement of the broadband service.

Starlink satellites have also led to concerns about the increase of space junk, and even the European Space Agency has been concerned about them interfering with her job.

In the last month or so, and the space agency tweeted: “For the first time ever, the ESA has not carried out a collision avoidance manoeuvre’ is to be one of the satellites that are in conflict with a “mega-sign of the zodiac’#SpaceTraffic”.

There are also concerns that the human race might be trapped on the Earth as a result of a lot of space junk in the orbit of the Earth.

That’s according to a space scientist, said of Musk’s plan could lead to an impenetrable wall of space junk around our planet.

A shambolic mess of space debris left behind by the satellites would be able to block the missile on the left is of the Earth, an effect known as the “Kessler syndrome.”

“The worst case scenario is that You start with your allies, you will go bankrupt, and it is still there, the European Space Agency’s scientist, Dr. Stijn Lemmens, told Scientific American.

“Then you’ve got many thousands of satellites, without any sort of plan to get them out of there. And you would be a Kessler-type of syndrome.”

It will take thousands of years for any of SpaceX satellites to the left, our job is to come down to Earth and burn up in the atmosphere.

The company says that it has already taken steps to prevent it from cluttering up the area. It was the launch of the satellites have a lower orbital plane, then the tech, in order to avoid collisions.

Even with such precautions, the mega-constellations, such as Starlink, the results will be in 67,000 of potential collisions per year, it is a space scientist has warned.

Musk isn’t the only tech billionaire looking to occupy space with satellites.

Amazon’s ceo, Jeff Bezos, has similar ideas.

Musk has previously said that he is planning to send nearly 12,000 satellites in the mid-2020’s.

If everything goes to plan for SpaceX-internet-users all over the world are able to have up to 40 times faster internet access speeds, regardless of where they live.

How much of the price will be has not been revealed yet, but Musk has a plan to keep prices low.

This story was originally published in The Sun.

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