Elon Musk calls for the colony on Mars to prevent a new dark age



Elon Musk: First Mars trip would end in death

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the first trip to Mars is a dangerous that would end with the death.

During his speech at SXSW, Elon Musk again, a warning of the necessity of a colony on Mars, The Guardian reported. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO said that mankind will one day enter a new dark age.

“There is probably another dark ages … especially if there is a third world war,” Musk stated, according to The Verge.

The fear of this hypothetical dark age is one of the main factors behind Musk’s drive to colonize Mars. The moon is an option, but he is of the opinion that Mars is far enough away to not be affected by the war, desolations on the Earth.

“It is important to be a self-sufficient base on Mars, because it’s far enough away from the Earth, which [in the case of a war], it is more likely to survive than a base on the moon,” Musk warned. “If a third world war, we want to make sure that there is enough of a seed of human civilization somewhere else to bring back and shorten the length of the dark ages,” he said in response to a question from Western World showrunner Jonah Nolan.

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SpaceX is currently working on a ship to take people to Mars, but Musk stated that not many people would want to go. When asked if he felt a Mars mission was just a vehicle for the rich to escape, he argued that it is related to the exploration of Antarctica; that is very dangerous, but exciting for those who have survived. The ship, with the code name BFR, but it is expected that on a test flight in 2019, but Musk admitted that this timeline is perhaps a little optimistic.

In addition to the threat of a nuclear war, Musk again spoke out against the dangers of artificial intelligence. In his speech, he called for stricter supervision of A. I., and warned that it is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. This is definitely not the first time Musk has made such comments. The Tesla CEO seems to be very wary of the risks associated with the emergence of advanced A. I.

“Mark my words,” Musk warned. “A. I. is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons. So why have we not control?”

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