Ellie Lust, had like to seen that police errors had admitted after departure

The departure of Ellie Lust in the police deserved no beauty prize. The police had adorned if that was also pronounced, the former police woman.

That sets Lust Tuesday in an interview on NPO Radio 1. “Courage is a core value of the police”, said Lust. “And not only the courage to burglars, but also have the courage to say when things are not good are gone.” Lust was earlier this year by the politieleiding forced to choose between her work as an agent and her television career.

“Formally, I make no longer part of the police, but it still feels so,” said Lust. “In my heart I’m still there. You can give me from the police, but the police are not from me.”

The ex-police woman was last month invited by the chief of police Erik Akerboom for a conversation about her unexpected farewell. “It is quite confronting when I suddenly to a bezoekerspasje need to ask.”

Forced parting had a lot of impact

The forced farewell has a lot of impact on Lust. “It goes greatly against my own integriteitsgevoel. For instance, I’m four times my back has gone”, she told to the presenter Ghislaine Plag. “Really at the level that I’m not more on my legs could stand and didn’t know how I upright had to come. I have no sleepless nights but you had a lot of sleepless hours. You head to bed and with it on. It remains only in your head.”

Akerboom has not specifically apologized for the fact that the parting of Lust no beauty prize earned. “During the call, he responded, however, non-verbal, and gave me the occasional frown when I my side of the story told”, says the former police woman.

She stresses Akerboom not want to fall. “It is a good guy with whom I have always good contact have had. You will but, chief of police of the police; I really think that he is doing well. I take it always for him.”

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