Ellen DeGeneres has bullies forgiven

Ellen DeGeneres has bullies forgiven

After her coming out, Ellen DeGeneres so harassed, that they, for the first time in her life antidepressants had to swallow. Yet, she has her bullies of to forgive.

That tells the presenter in the magazine Good Housekeeping.

In 1997, DeGeneres not only from the cabinet, also her character in the comedy Ellen declared on women to attack. The series was not long after the tube is removed and DeGenes came no more to the bin. “It was scary and lonely”, looks at the talkshowhost back. “I had always worked hard, and suddenly I had nothing. In addition: I was angry. It felt not fair – I was the same person that everyone always knew.”

She was in a severe depression and moved away from Los Angeles. “Eventually, I began to meditate, to exercise and to write, and that helped me slowly out of the pit. I still can’t believe that I’m out of it come. I still can’t believe how my life looks right now,” says the presenter, who last year, the presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded by Barack Obama.

The 59-year-old is the people who, at the time, the grief is still ever. “I understand, however: what I was doing at the time was controversial,” she says. “If I do that people now see, there is definitely an unspoken ‘I was wrong’ from their side. And an unspoken ‘apology accepted’ from me. Anger and aggression make you weaker, they eat energy. Being nice is a strength where you can rest in.”

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