Elizabeth Warren on impeachment hearings: “Let’s do it’

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CONCORD, N. H. — democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts reaffirms its strong support for the house Democrats, ” impeachment inquiry in President Trump.

Warren, who was in New Hampshire Wednesday to file, so her name took on the granite state presidential primary ballot, also another shot at the former New York City mayor and billionaire business and media mogul Mike Bloomberg, the steps to jump into the democratic race.

And she told Fox News that a potential entry in this week of former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick would be the commandment not your own White house complicate.


Warren – one of the first Democratic White house hope to call the carrier, for the trump card for the prosecution — told reporters after the filing that “I think it is appropriate for this prosecution request to go forward. I think it should sooner happen, but we are here now. Let’s do it.”

When asked whether she had observed, the testimony of the televised public hearing, Warren said: “I have not been able to catch up with him. Fortunately, I will catch up tonight.”

If the Democratically controlled house impeaches the President, the GOP-led Senate would then Trump a study that could lead to a’s removal from office. Such a study would be likely to hold, Warren and other Senate Democrats running for President from the election campaign in the weeks in the run-up to the first nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts files to your space name on the New Hampshire primary ballot in Concord on Wednesday.

“I said the Constitutional responsibilities,” Warren. “I took an oath of office, as all that is in the Congress, and the part of the oath of office the basic principle that nobody is above the law. That includes the President of the United States. And if the house goes forward and sends a charge through the Senate, then I’ll be there for the trial.”


Warren told Fox News, you haven’t spoken to Patrick in the last few days and said “no” when asked whether the fellow Massachusetts Democrat, which would complicate a possible entry into the race, your own campaign. When asked about Patrick ‘ years at the investment company Bain Capital, Warren replied: “I’m here to criticize other Democrats. I’m here to talk about why I’m running for President.”

Patrick is likely to be, and announced his candidacy on Thursday via video or social media, reported by several outlets on Wednesday. He would then ballot drive into neighboring New Hampshire on Friday, the last day for candidates to place the file, whose name is on the primary.

Patrick is not the only Democrat likely to launch a campaign level at this late date in the primary. Bloomberg and his name placed on the presidential primary polls in Alabama and Arkansas in the last days, he moved to run closer to the initiation of a White house.

I think that what our choice should be on grassroots sport. As you build something, across New Hampshire, across the country, and we really should not have elections, the billionaires calling all the shots, whether you get the grip in their pockets to Finance their own elections, or, if you’re counting on other people to lead,” said Warren, critical of Bloomberg in the past few days.


“I’ve noticed that billionaires go on television and cry,” she added. “Other billionaires to encourage their billionaire friends to jump into the race.”

Warren may have referred to the billionaire, Omega Advisors CEO Leon Cooperman, the defendant in an interview on CNBC last week that Trump splits and polarizes the American driving while Warren “idiocy.” Like many other billionaires, Cooperman has strong Warren, criticized the proposed tax on the wealthiest Americans, calling it a “bankrupt concept.”

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