Elimination of corrupt Sudanese president for two years in a rehabilitation center

The subsidiary’s president, Omar Al Bashir of Sudan, has been convicted and sentenced to two years in a rehabilitation center, because of the corruption and the illegal possession of foreign currency, for example, a Sudanese court Saturday, were announced. Against the former dictator are still several court cases due to corruption and money-laundering.

This decision was made after the Sudanese government in the house of the former president of the large amounts of foreign currency in the cases had been detected. Due to his old age, – Al Bashir, is a 75-year – old was decided by the Sudanese court that his sentence in a rehabilitation centre instead of prison, allowed to live.

Al Bashir lost the spring of his power by a coup d’état, after weeks of protests. The authorities of the African country were made shortly after the former leader to continue and do not want to surrender for trial by the International criminal court (Icc) in The Hague, the netherlands.

The court assumes that Al Bashir for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The former dictator is believed to be one of the biggest war criminals in Africa.

The economist, Abdalla Hamdok was in August appointed the prime minister of the Sudan’s transitional federal government, but the power is in the practice of the sovereign council of the nation, which is comprised of six civilians and five military personnel is. It should be in the next three years, new elections will work.

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