Eleven years in prison for a Australian man who is of Dutch fietsster doodreed

Eleven years in prison for a Australian man who is of Dutch fietsster doodreed

The 28-year-old Australian, who a year ago was arrested for the doodrijden from a fietsster, on up to eleven years in prison by a court in Melbourne, australia.

The man hit two parked cars, and empty, afterwards, the 27-year-old victim. After the accident, he went on the run without having to take the Dutch to worry about. She died on the spot.

The day after the fatal accident, the driver was arrested. In his first appearance in court was quiet, he was. The car which the man drove, turned out to be stolen during an armed smash-and-grab.

According to ABC Australia, the offender stated that he was before the accident, heroin was being used. The Australian judge has called the crime “a serious case of negligent driving, and disregard for the lives and safety of others on the road.”

The Dutch were in Melbourne, and is being commemorated with a bike ride

About 150 people went in last year, by the Melbourne, to the lost Dutch members. “It is a recollection journey to the memory of all cyclists who have passed away. All of us are vulnerable to it,” said the chairman of the national park to the Australian Cycle Alliance in recent years against the Australian media.

The lord mayor of Melbourne, said that he was autoparkeerplaatsen want to remove it in the street where the accident took place. At that time, what he is concerned a bike lane is to be constructed. “Car to the crossroads. Cyclists are important, as is safety.”


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