Eleven dead in riots after won Kenyatta in Kenya

Eleven dead in riots after won Kenyatta in Kenya

Photo: AFP

In Kenya are at unrest after the election victory of president Uhuru Kenyatta eleven deaths. According to the coalition of opposition parties that the results of the elections do not accept the violence for more than a hundred deaths.

A 9-year-old girl was, according to witnesses, struck by stray bullets when they are on a balcony in the capital city of Nairobi was watching. In the capital and in other cities were at least a dozen protesters to riot.

The death toll by the opponents of Kenyatta is applied, is not by independent sources confirmed. The opposition gives the police the fault of the geweldsuitbarsting, but said not to stop.

Kenyatta was, according to the official result 54,27% of the vote. This he proposed to his second regeringstermijn of five years of safe. The opposition contested the victory of the incumbent president, although Kenyan and international observers found no evidence for the manipulation of the elections. After the announcement of the result called Kenyatta his opponents on “to maintain unity.”


Police in Kenya used tear gas during a protest against president Kenyatta

Tear gas

In Nairobi and other cities were protesters on the street. In Kisumu, a known stronghold of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, shot the riot police with tear gas and bullets at protesters. According to the ministry of Home Affairs are the actions of the authorities aimed at “criminal elements”.

Many Kenyans fear a repeat of the large-scale violence after the elections of 2007, with more than a thousand people were killed. The previous elections in 2013, where Kenyatta for the first elected was, were quiet.

Riots in Kenya in the aftermath of election results

Bystanders help a man who was wounded during protests in Nairobi.

Armed Kenyan police officers are running one of the slums of Nairobi in order to provide a group of protesters to disperse

In Nairobi gather people in front of the house where a girl would have died, because she was hit by a stray bullet.

A man runs past a burned down hut in the slum area of Kibera, in Nairobi.

Supporters of the opposition focus burning blockages in the slums of Mathara of Nairobi.

Immediately after on August 11, it became clear that president Kenyatta was re-elected, arrived security forces in the city of Kisumu, where many supporters of the opposition live.

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