‘Electric truck Tesla will be tracked’

‘Electric truck Tesla will be tracked’

Photo: AFP

An electric truck and car manufacturer Tesla is working on, will be autonomous in columns drive.

That reports Reuters on Thursday on the basis of e-mails between Tesla and an agency in the state of Nevada, that tests with self-propelled cars must approve.

A spokesman for the California equivalent of that agency says that Wednesday is met with Tesla about electric trucks. Tesla himself did not respond to the message, but made in april already known that is working on an electric truck.

When it was not, however, mentioned that these self-directed would be. From the e-mails that Reuters saw shows that Tesla “without a person in the vehicle” wants to be able to drive in colonneformatie.


Several startups and automakers are investigating the possibility of self-propelled cars and trucks to be platoonen’, as the technique is called. In 2015 in the Netherlands it was already a test done with platooning, all were trucks used which are not completely tracked.

It is still unclear what the range of the Tesla truck would be. According to scientists, it is difficult for heavy trucks far to drive on a single charge, such as Tesla with his cars has already been successful.

Tesla-ceo Elon Musk said the electric truck in september will be unveiled.

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