Efteling will take measures after kerstboombrand

Efteling will take measures after kerstboombrand

The Efteling has taken other measures after the fire of last Saturday, where several trees were on fire. “We have the other campfires checked and in some places the christmas trees moved.”

“We have the suspicion that the hard wind of last Saturday has ensured that a small flame of the campfire could skip the christmas trees,” says a spokesperson of the theme park the Efteling on “The trees were a bit dryer, by the frost of the past period.”

Last Saturday it took multiple trees in the theme park flame. “In the park we have in the framework of the Winter Efteling multiple campfires. Around this fire are real christmas trees, but these are impregnated to prevent that they catch fire.”

When the campfires are employees of the fire and to the fire and ensure safety. “Our employees are stoking the fires as a precaution a little less high, because the wind again, a little harder. We also have a circle created around the other campfires to check on trees at a sufficient distance from the fire. The trees that are to close were have taken the precaution of away put,” said the spokesman.

The fire took place in the neighbourhood of the attractions Vogelrok and Carnival Festival. These attractions were temporarily closed, but went shortly after the fire to re-open. No one was injured.

Fire in Efteling provides for closure of attractions

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