Edwin Evers at farewell: “I have here a most beautiful time of my life’

Edwin Evers Friday at 18.00 hrs after a marathonuitzending of twelve hours to say goodbye to his radio show Evers staat op.

In the last minutes of his farewell show thanked the radio dj among his peers, his listeners and his family. “I’ll stop today with something I always like to have want to do. When I was young, I wanted to not just radio make: I wanted a ochtendshow. That was my big dream.”

On 1 January 1998 he started with Evers staat op 3FM and since 2000, the program was heard on Radio 538. “I’m always here like a fish in the water felt. I have here, at radio frequencies, the most beautiful time of my life. When I look back, I can only be happy.”

“Looking back on the ochtendshow, I see it as a kind of roadtrip that me to great places. The were special and strange roads to me brought up here. But now I want to really take the car to the side and enjoy the view. And I want all my listeners, friends and family very much thank. Very happy to see you soon.”

For the last song in the program called Evers the help of the BAND. “For me, it was one thing when I thought about this day: at the end of the show had live music come in,” said Evers for he the band announced. “And there was only one person who could do that.” The Zeeland band played the song Strange Roads.

“This is the greatest honor that I can imagine,” responded the BAND-singer Paskal Jakobsen.

Surprises in the broadcast

His last broadcast was filled with surprises. So was behind the building of Radio 538’s Evers staat op Road unveiled, in the presence of all the 538 dj’s and mayor Pieter Broertjes of Hilversum.

“So you stay forever connected to your beloved Hilversum,” said Brothers. Coen Swijnenberg, Sander Lantinga and Frank Dane, took care of the unveiling.

Further, various CELEBRITIES, among whom Glennis Grace, Gerard Joling and Guus Meeuwis. Prime minister Mark Rutte brought him a visit.

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“I let only a little about me,” said Evers during the broadcast. “It is a coming and going of people. Sometimes I don’t even know who is coming. These are all people who over the past few years many have spoken of.”

The producer from Hardenberg does not like to be in the centre of the attention, but was there at his farewell not down. “With such a goodbye is that so. We should all just enjoy it. The program has long gone, we can be proud of with z’n all. That we are.”

Evers wants the next time to deal with his own band and writing music. In announcing his retirement, he emphasized Evers already that he has the radio world not at all behind. “The chance that I return, is 120 percent. This is not goodbye, but a restart with a small interval.”

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