Edward Norton needs to be in court to testify about a fatal fire on a movie set

The director and the actor Edward Norton should be in February, in the court of law, a witness about a fire in march 2018 and was on the set of the film Motherless Brooklyn, reports the New York Post on Monday. During the fire a fireman was killed.

During the filming of the movie on march 22, 2018 in New York, it took an explosion to the fire-Michael D’s life. His wife and some of the residents of the building where the shooting took place is applied in a case against a film production company, Class 5, Inc. the pandeigenaar.

Norton should be on the 20th of February to testify to that. The lawyer, Marvin Putman, that the Class 5 is mentioned, it says that to the widow and to the residents of Norton are only asking for more media attention.

He further emphasizes that studies have shown that the fire was caused by a faulty flue from a boiler and that the film will be on a different floor than where the fire started.

“This is a very sad and delusional, but Edward Norton will testify’

Instead of using the pandeigenaar or brandweerinspectiedienst on the call as well as those that are the cause of the fire will be able to tell the claimants to Edward Norton on the screen. This is really sad and delusional, but Edward Norton will testify to you in the hopes that they will then deal with the real cause of this terrible tragedy,” said Putman.

Elizabeth Eilender, the attorney for the four plaintiffs, commented: “Edward Norton was the director, writer, producer, and lead actor of the film, and also an eye-witness. We like to think that he has very relevant information with regard to the design of the set-up of the materials and the equipment that goes with such a production. In addition, he also explained about the events of that night.”

The attorney for the wife of the deceased fire fighter did not respond to the remarks made by Putman.

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