Edsilia Rombley plays Mary in The Passion: “For the first time, I’m afraid’

The cast of the ninth edition of The Passion is known. The passion of Jesus in Dordrecht narrated by Edwin Jonker in the role of Jesus and Edsilia Rombley, who Maria plays. spoke to the two about their participation in the annual music project.

A role in The Passion is not something where Jonker per se always dreamed of. “But it is certainly in the list of iconic roles that as an actor, cool to play”, he tells “Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela… there’s Jesus.”

Rombley is previously asked to participate in The Passion. “Every time I said no, because I think it is a very big and exciting to happen. There were also other fun things that are on my path came, which it is not in my calendar paste.”

Actually, the 41-year-old singer now too busy. “But I said to myself: ‘Edsiel, you should not continue to say.’ It is a very nice event and it really is something beautiful to be on your list.”

“I practiced with pillows’

The 42-year-old Jonker, who previously was in the musical the Lion King and the series Terminal, is currently busy all day with his role in the annual productions of the KRO-NCRV. “First, I thought: what Jesus wants, I going to drop? That has a lot of influence on how the scenes are going to play. Then comes the music within and I started stomping. Very dry, in the living room with pillows as a game.”

The actor and singer is not in itself religious, but this is not important to the role well to be able to play. “You don’t have to have faith to be a good Jesus to put down. In fact, I think it might help if you do not believe, because you open-minded.”

Rombley is being raised as a catholic, but just as Jonker is they believe that to be religious is not a requirement to take a role in The Passion of convincing to play. “I’m a type that want to know what I sing so that I can transfer. I love narrative singing, that is really my style. Therefore, it takes longer before I my text can remember.”

Rombley follows in the footsteps of Glennis and Berget

Jonker has to play the role is mainly interested in the human side of Jesus. “He has also a divine side, but as an actor is that uninteresting to play. Who has doubts, fear, and anger that he experiences on the way to the crucifixion, are far more challenging. If you make the Bible look, you will see that Jesus is socially relevant and is also opwond about certain things.”

For the role of Maria will Rombley close to himself to continue. “I’m no actor, so I don’t have to act. But I can be good in Mary, not sympathize. I am also a mother and that feeling of a child who is leaving, that you must let go, that I can imagine.”

For advice she can in any case go to her friends and Ladies of Soul-colleagues Berget Lewis – in 2012, Maria played and Glennis Grace, which last year was the female lead in The Passion. “I have them as told and they find it enormously fun for me. The were both good Maria.”

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‘I do my best to do it”

The preparation also brings some stress with it, tells Rombley. “It is the first time that I’m afraid. I sing songs now that I did not previously have sung and which are so far out of my alley, and that should then live, by so many people looking at.”

Rombley is, therefore, in the coming weeks “deposit” in her role. “I’m going to make sure that the Netherlands is proud of me. It is something this big and beautiful, I’m going to my stinking best to do.”

Also this year a song of Marco Borsato

The singer was, after the role had been adopted, especially curious about what songs they on 18 april should go sing for millions of viewers and the public in Dordrecht, the netherlands. “I knew maybe two songs on the list. That makes it even more exciting. But they have nice songs chosen that fit well with the story.”

What songs during the event are sung, only on the evening itself published. But just like during the previous eight editions, is a song from Marco Borsato between, reveals Jonker. “Yes, surprise,” he laughs. “I think he has his numbers to secretly write with The Passion in his mind.”

The actor himself has little to do with Dutch music. “I’ll turn it never. But the songs I find really great chosen and fit really with the scenes. You think that when the next edition of the songs, but the viewer is this year really surprised.”

In addition Rombley and Jonker, this year also singers Lucas Hamming (Judas), Paul Sinha (Peter) and actor Porgy Franssen (Pilate). The vertellersrol is for Martijn Krabbé and Klaas van Kruistum report the procession.

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