Editors-in-chief NOS accuses LAX of deception

Editors-in-chief NOS accuses LAX of deception

The chief editors of the NOS in response to the verkiezingsactie of LAX a letter to the scholierenorganisatie sent.

The organization confirmed today that their plan to march to participate in the elections a joke. The chief editors of the NOS sent a letter to the scholierenorganisatie in which they are LAX accuse of deception.

“Your organization has chosen to set up the NIS intentionally misleading to draw attention to your views on the quality of education,” writes the editorial board in the letter.

“You do a method (the organisation of a press conference to make it known that LAX will participate in the elections of 15 march) in which you deliberately incorrect information has spread.”

The NOS says in the letter, the action of the LAX as nepnieuws to consider. “This form of the spread of nepnieuws is extremely harmful. It harms the confidence of the public in journalism (and thus also the position of the NOS), and it harms the relationship between the NOS and the LAX,” writes the broadcaster.

The NOS ends the letter with: “We will internally discuss how we were able to avoid the NOS, and thus the public is misled. That critical to the workings of your organization and our contacts with you we will look, now and in the future, speaks for itself.”

According to chairman Annen has the LAX not regret their action. “Even negative attention is attention,” said spokesman Sven Annen.



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