Editorial breaking News to be a reporter Frits Wester

Marc Schreuder, deputy editor-in-chief of RTL Nieuws, has still not been returned in a call to the AD (€) concerned to respond to actions of a political reporter Frits Wester. The 57-year-old Western made Sunday night to report on the trial against Geert Wilders, and seemed to be under the influence.

The clip where the reporter was to be seen, it is aware of no online come. The deputy editor-in-chief, to put it mildly, not very happy with the program. “I am worried, because this was not a good thing. And for the last time, too.”

Schreuder, referring to an incident in 2018, when the Western account of the death of the former prime minister, Wim Kok. Also, it seemed as if the Western were under the influence. Viewers reacted with surprise. The reporter was not on tv, possibly as a result of the incident.

The deputy editor-in-chief is not in the realm of speculation about the excessive use of alcohol, by the journalist’s time, but I would like to know what is going on with the Western.

Western has been, since 1994, parliamentary reporter for breaking News.

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