Eden Hazard: “The world cup has changed a lot, both for me and for the Red Devils’

Last weekend, he was not at the party with Chelsea against Man City, but that does not prevent Eden Hazard is always and everywhere a artist on voetbalnoppen. Some excerpts from our interview with the Red Devil in Cobham.

Eden Hazard. © BELGAIMAGE

Eden Hazard on…

… the comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi:

‘I’ve been a long time at their table. (laughs) I’m already a long time ago at present! Even though it was only six months ago, there is for me a new and changed after that world cup. I feel that even in the eyes of the people. Before I read therein: “Yes, it is a good player, but he has his place with the greats?” Since the world cup, I think it… (makes his sentence not finished) About Belgium, they said, is always that we have a good generation, but we haven’t had reached. That said, we as players can also play against each other. And after that world cup people said, all: “Ha no, they are definitely there.” We have not won, but we were perhaps the finest team in the world cup. Quite possible that we will have the best football. We are now respected. And that is something I compared to me personally feel. But you always have the feet on the ground. It is impossible to work with them compared to be given what they already have ten years of performance. I know that I still have a way have to make. I try to be there since my debut fun to have, I will see how far it is me.’

… the importance of statistics:

“If I have this season end with thirty goals and twenty assists, then everyone say: “Oh, yes, exceptional!” Even though I play a very bad match. But since I have no sense in it. I pull me there nothing from on. I play, for example, prefer a match as we lost to Tottenham 1-0, in the semi-finals of the League Cup, ed) and where my stamp was printed. But zero assists and zero goals… Like against Brazil by the way. It is for such games that I football play. I have all my trainers frustrated. Sarri frustreer I still. I have José Mourinho frustrated. They found that I had to score, more this and more that… And my next coach I will probably also frustrate. I’m maybe a little separate within the group of the best players in the world. Because the best thinking on goals, assists, trophies. And I’ve never been that way. So, yes, maybe… But in the professional football are there really more players like me, who want to amuse themselves.’

… his future:

“I’ve always said that I after England, something else wanted to discover. But there are things that make I also would be able to continue. I am near the top of my career, that is a fact. Although it may always be a bit better, that is also fixed. So, I’m at a turning point, yes. We are going the right direction. After the world cup I had the intention to leave. Ultimately, I am at Chelsea remained and I play one of the best seasons in my career. So I do not think that I really need do to anything else. But that is not to say that I will be better.’

Thomas Simon

“I’m perhaps a bit unusual”

Read the full interview with Eden Hazard in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 13 February.

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