Ecuador asks Uk for safe-conduct for Assange

Ecuador asks Uk for safe-conduct for Assange

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The government of Ecuador has Friday the United Kingdom asked for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (45) a safe-conduct to give to the Ecuadorian embassy in London to leave.

Assange would then seek asylum in the South American country. But Assange was Friday through his lawyer to know political asylum to want to ask in France.

The founder of klokkenluiderssite WikiLeaks took in June 2012 took refuge in the embassy in London for extradition to Sweden to avoid. In the Scandinavian country he was accused of rape, but Sweden showed Friday know the international arrest warrant against the Australian in the draw. Also leave the country the investigation into the allegations stop.

The British police claimed that he was arrested as soon as he the embassy to leave, because he was five years ago out on bail, was released, but there still disappearing.


The Swedish Public Prosecutor does not see any possibility of Assange to Sweden to pick up, and the question of whether he is guilty or innocent, it can now not identify, said the aanklaagster Friday. The indictment is not formally of the job. They stressed that the case is being picked up as Assange is in Sweden shows.

The crime for which Assange is suspected, has a birthday in August 2020. Assange, the accusations always denied it. He suggests that they trick him to the US to deliver.

Previous month showed the Us Justice department know that it was charges for an arrest warrant for Assange. WikiLeaks has on a large scale secret documents of the Us government published.

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