Eating healthier in the new year: ‘give yourself time to change

New year’s resolutions, many people have less snacking, less and less often, order food and more fruits and vegetables to eat. However, it is not easy to keep it up. Three experts give their advice.

At the beginning of the new year are often filled with good intentions. According to the dietitian, Monique Ammerlaan, are a lot of people, however, are too hard on themselves. “That is why you have a plan of action with realistic goals.”

They will call you a couple of examples. If you want less to do with the packets and sachets of cooking, you can start with three times a week. Take your work to an unhealthy snack between meals, plan in advance what you will take in order to have a healthy snack.

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“Don’t try to everything all at the same time to deal with it. Most of the time, that it is not”, advises the dietitian ” Jonathan Said. “Find out what are the things that are going well, and what things you can do better. Try this step-by-step to adapt to it.”

Know what the pitfalls are

Doctor Tamara de Weijer adds: “We are, however, two hundred of our subconscious food choices every day. If you know where your bottleneck is, bring it in-house. The one with chocolate and the other with potato chips.”

For you to be aware of the pitfalls, it helps to have a few days to a eetdagboekje to keep track of. Ammerlaan: “So you know where you are in the mist of it. You may want to eat too much of a drop in between, whether you are creating in the evenings, two times?”

Also, a schedule for a week or a few days can often be very good, according to de Weijer. “So you’re not if you’re out of work, still need to figure out what you’re going to make it. This is not the best way.”

Make it easy on yourself by providing an easy recipe to fill Ammerlaan on. “This will prevent you from dropping.”

What often also helps is that you are a person and you’re looking for, along with the process for you. “This could be a friend, your partner, a coach, or a dietician,” says Judy. “And try to support in the people around you, so that you have a partner, it’s not every night with a bag of potato chips on the couch.”

Tips for healthy eating:

  • Eat as many raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  • To make a (weekly)schedule so that you don’t work, still have to figure out what you’re going to eat.
  • Make easy, healthy recipes.
  • Eating multiple times per day and vegetables, not only for the evening meal. Think of it as a fresh salad, homemade soup, or a groenteomelet in the area.
  • Avoid diet products, but you need a bit of sweetness in the balance.
  • Stop using sugar and / or cute, in room coffee and tea. Your taste buds will have three weeks to be adjusted.
  • Be sure to Drink enough water. Thirst is confused, we are sometimes starving.

“Go for the raw food. Fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts,” says Weijer. “Eat what your great-grandmother would recognize, not vitamin water, and koekrepen so. And now, for the shortest list of ingredients on the packaging.”

Also make sure to healthy food in a cool)wardrobe. “Pay particular attention to the quality of the food rather than the amount of carbohydrates or calories,” says Ammerlaan.

Not being down in the dumps if it doesn’t work

Healthy food is the best through trial and error. A change in behavior takes well, time to move out and you have to be yourself sometimes. Said: “Take, therefore, is full of it and you will really notice results.”

Do you have that bag of chips or packet of biscuits I stand by my phrase, herpak yourself and get back on the plan. Ammerlaan: “you may not come throughout the week, it’s unhealthy.” She loves the fact that you will get yourself the best and will reward him with a treat. But it is not too often, because it will bring you to your goals, maybe it will not.

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