Eating abroad: this you must pay attention

Eating abroad: this you must pay attention

If you are going on holiday abroad, it is wise to watch what you eat. The food safety late in some countries to wish for, which makes you more at risk to get sick.

Please note that especially in warm countries and developing countries on what you eat. A number of things that you can take into account:


Check whether the stall, the restaurant, the items and products that look clean, recommends the Nutrition center.

Wash your hands well with soap before you eat and wash vegetables and fruit before you eat it. Do that with bottled water as there is no clean tap water is. Fruit you can then the best skins.


Products that are cold, such as smoothies and salads, also really should be refrigerated. And also perishable foods such as meat and snacks need to be well chilled to be preserved for them to be heated or baked.

Food that is supposed to be, should really be hot, says the Nutrition centre. The heat are the germs killed, which can cause diarrhea. Be careful with food that is first heated and then placed in warm areas or at room temperature, such as at a buffet. It can again become infected.

Risky products

Purchase no scorched or halfrauw meat, raw fish, raw shellfish, or seafood, and raw sprouts. Also, watch out for unwrapped ice that the road will be sold. Packaged ice cream and ice cream from a clean, busy shop is usually good.


If you go to a developing country, it is also very important to gather information about water. If it is in the country where you go is not suitable for drinking, use water from bottles. “That you can buy in almost every shop,” says Patricia Schutte of the Nutrition centre.

“Check that the cap still sealed, and use the water to drink and to get your teeth to brushing. Order drinks without ice cubes.”

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