Easyjet travelers stranded in Dubai: ‘we Feel fooled’

A large part of the nearly 190 passengers that Sunday night with a flight of Transavia from the United Arab Emirates to Amsterdam, fly in, two days later still stuck in Dubai. Their flight is after two days of waiting will be cancelled. Travelers sheet, especially the lack of information of the society.

The group of mainly Dutch travellers would be Monday early in the night and arrive at amsterdam airport Schiphol, only two days later, almost everyone is still stuck in Dubai. Transavia reported Tuesday afternoon that just before the departure of flight HV6902 a technical defect in the hydraulic system was observed. The travelers were by then already in the unit.

Iris and Patrick van Ommen from the Store were on the way home after a week’s holiday. It was for them in the aircraft quickly became clear that something was not right. “The lamps and motors fell off and the air conditioning stopped,” says Iris. “People on the front three rows were given water, but the rest got nothing. After three hours of waiting, we had the unit out and we were stuck at the airport, where we had a two-hour had to wait, before we go to a hotel were brought.”

The travelers had to Monday morning at 10.00 am check-out and returned then back to the airport, in the assumption that they can still go home. That, however, proved not to be the case, tells traveller Jo-Anne Visscher in Amsterdam. “We checked again, but once at the gate, there was nothing. No crew, no plane. Other flights went just. We didn’t get to hear, and stood there.”


Transavia passengers are stuck at Airport in Dubai

‘Transavia is not approachable’

According to Visscher, the travelers especially angry about the way Transavia is communicating with the victims. “We feel fooled, because no one accompanies us. None of Transavia is for us to approach. We have here a lot of older people. This group of 180 people already know three days is not what they need to do.”

“Who ask questions via customer service and social media will get a answer back about how annoying they find it,” says Van Ommen. “Here in Dubai we have no time a point of contact.”

Tuesday went to the group again to the airport to go to the Netherlands to fly, but again, the travellers disappointed. “In the morning we checked in, but went not,” says Visscher. “Now we know since Tuesday afternoon finally that the flight was finally cancelled. Every time you think you finally got to go home, but every time we’re disappointed.”

Travelers get new flight reimbursed

After the final cancellation had the group spend many hours at the airport waiting to get permission to re-stamp to get to the United Arab Emirates.

“We have now again our suitcases from the baggage carousel to get caught,” says Van Ommen. She has together with her husband, now himself an alternative flight arranged. “Wednesday, we fly with another airline back. Our car is now all three days too long at Schiphol airport. Hopefully it will not be towed.”

Easyjet blames the problems on an “annoying coincidence of circumstances”. The system that travelers using their telephone travel information displays, would not have worked. Now it works again. “We have Tuesday night for those who have no alternative had tickets booked for flights to Amsterdam and Dusseldorf on Wednesday,” says a spokesman.

“We have Sunday considered an additional device to send, but when we had expected that the plane the next day repaired,” says a spokesperson for Transavia. “Because of papierproblemen could our technical staff are in Dubai Monday, not arrive at the plane for the repair. Now the unit is repaired.”

Mutual atmosphere is attaches

If everyone is back in the Netherlands, the group wants travelers to take action. In the meantime, the passengers have a appgroep and a list made to be in contact with each other to remain about the handling.

“We pay for accommodation, taxis, food, and a new flight of 700 euros. We want Transavia all that extra cost goes well”, says Visscher, who suggests that the atmosphere among colleagues within the group attaches has become.

Van Ommen agrees the atmosphere is good, though a bit grimmer now that everyone is so long to wait. “Everyone is angry, but not to each other, of course. We go together as a group.”

Transavia says to that everyone in addition to compensation for the costs compensation. “That is going to be an amount of 600 euros”, says the spokesperson. “In addition, we give everyone a personal approach to the to explain.”

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