Easyjet passengers kicked off flight after throwing a punch in the cabin, and the acquisition of the aircraft will be diverted: ‘It was bedlam’

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After the throwing of a punch, and setting off a chain reaction of bad behavior, and on an EasyJet flight, and went to the Canary Islands in Spain, and some men, caused the plane to divert to Faro, Portugal. Upon landing in Faro, the security is removed out of the seven men on the flight, the images show the officers struggling with someone on the road and to accompany him.

An EasyJet flight was on the Canary Islands of Spain, made an emergency landing in Portugal, after a certain number of men, allegedly started throwing punches on the plane, setting off a chain reaction of bad behavior.

The fight reportedly broke out on Thursday afternoon, just a couple of hours after the flight left from Manchester, England, on the island of Tenerife. According to witnesses, the four men caused a commotion when they started fighting in the back of the plane, the lead flight attendant to be moved from one side to the front side.


The solution is not to last, however, as to the man, and then ran back to his original seat, and resumed the fight with the other men, according to SWNS.

The images of the inside of the cab, it shows a flight attendant tried to break up a tense encounter between the two men, while the passengers are watching and shouting at the two evil fliers to get them to stop.

The fight originally broke out from at the rear of the plane, the men were separated. A witness said that they will resume the fighting after a while and asked the pilot to make an unscheduled stop in Spain.

“There are kids in the world.” a woman can be heard screaming.

In a different voice, which argues that one of the men a “f—ing spit on a woman,” while others have pointed out about the “disgusting” act.

“No way,” a voice added.


Things first kicked off when the group got back into the fight. Punches were thrown, and the flight attendant just broke them down,” a witness told the SWNS of the original twist.

“But then they kicked off again, the passengers will actually have to intervene to calm them down. A woman was standing in the road, but one man spat in her eye. It was disgusting,” he said.

As soon as the flight crew announced that the flight would be diverted to Faro, in Portugal, a group of men suspected of traveling with the bachelor party, reportedly made things even worse by complaining very loudly to the flight attendants, and even confronting, some of the men out of the original altercation, according to SWNS.

“One of the boys got into trouble as he began to squeeze drinks out of the front of the plane,” the witness claims. “It was a mess.”

Upon landing in Faro, the security is removed from the seven men in the race. Footage shot from the inside of the plane shows officers struggling with someone on the road and to accompany him.

A total of 7 men were escorted from the plane. The images of the inside of the cab shows the protection to grapple with one of the men leading him into the ground.


A representative from EasyJet was not immediately available to confirm whether the men have been arrested for assault, even though the airline has been called the group’s actions are “unacceptable” in a statement shared with the SWNS.

“We are taking this matter very seriously, and we are liaising with the relevant authorities,” the airline confirmed.

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